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NRM Student Organizations

NRM Student Clubs

Student organizations provide a wonderful learning opportunity for students. Becoming a member of a student organization will increase your knowledge base and provide additional opportunities for learning activities (such as using biotelemetry to track raccoon movements or spawning Chinook salmon at the Whitlock Bay spawning station on Lake Oahe). Just as important, these student professional societies provide the opportunity for students to learn organizational skills and how to lead meetings. Such skills are directly useful to your future careers. So, check out the Club that best fits your personal interests!


The American Fisheries Society (AFS) Club is represented by the Student Subunit at SDSU. The club strives to educate students on topics in fisheries research, field techniques, and to help them gain a better understanding of careers in fisheries biology. We often have speakers who are professionals in their field and have lots of fun events! Students can learn fisheries field techniques like electrofishing, seining, and otolith collection; as well as going on field trips. The club is open to anybody with an interest in fish or fisheries, and we hope to see you at our next meeting! The club can be found on Instagram at SDSU AFS (@sdsu_afs) and Facebook as SDSU American Fisheries Society Student Subunit.

Ten members of the American Fisheries Society Student Subunit at the lake electrofishing while wearing waders and holding a net.
Three AFS members are scooping the shallow water with electrofishing nets.
The American Fisheries Society Student Subunit took a trip to Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery.
American Fisheries Society Student Subunit pose in front of signs that contain information about their club at the hot chocolate social.

Botany Club

The Botanical Society of America (Botany Club) promotes botany, the field of science dealing with the study and inquiry into the form, function, development, diversity, reproduction, evolution, and uses of plants and their interactions within the biosphere. This student group meets regularly and enhances members’ knowledge of native plants and herbarium work, completes plant-based crafts and projects, and participates in events and activities within the SDSU & Brookings Communities. Follow along on Instagram at Botany Club at SDState (@sdstate_botanical_society).

Botany Club poses for a picture at the AISC where they just completed a native plant planting.
Botany Club educates the public on how to make recycled paper through demonstration.
Botany Club carves/ paints pumpkins together to get into the Halloween spirit.
Botany Club poses for a group picture, ready to meet new students at the Hot Chocolate Social.

Ecology Club

Ecology Club to promote awareness of ecological and environmental issues and to promote sustainability practices within our community, as well as provide activities and resources to students who wish to pursue an interest in ecology. The student group of Ecological Society of America organizes a variety of outdoor and ecological related activities such as rock climbing, making homemade paper, nature hikes, and undergraduate research. The club can be found on Instagram at Ecology Club (@sdsu_ecology_club).

Ecology Club poses  with their recently painted terracotta pots.
Ecology Club pose for a picture while hiking at the palisades state park in  South Dakota.
Ecology Club members admire a caterpillar crawling on a member’s hand.
Ecology Club helps in a native plant planting on campus. One student uses a dibble to make a hole in  the ground while the other plants.


For students majoring in Natural Resource Law Enforcement or interested in law enforcement, this club facilitates peer connections and professional networking. Take part in law enforcement scenarios, hear from speakers and current law enforcement officers, and explore the fascinating world of natural resource law enforcement in other ways!

Pheasants Forever Chapter

SDSU’s Pheasants Forever Chapter is one of only five collegiate chapters within the national non-profit organization of Pheasants and Quail Forever. The chapter strives to involve college students in the mission of Pheasants Forever by providing a variety of hands-on experiences and educational activities throughout the year. Pheasants and Quail Forever’s mission is to conserve pheasants, quail, and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public access, education, and conservation advocacy. Chapter activities include habitat work, shooting events, annual banquets, and attending National Pheasant Fest. Follow them for more info on Instagram at SDSU Pheasants Forever Chapter (@sdstate_pheasantsforever), and Facebook at SDSU Pheasants Forever Chapter (Facebook).

Pheasants Forever Club stands ready for hunting with their hunter orange and firearms.
Pheasants Forever Pose together for a group picture at their conference in Minneapolis MN.
Pheasants Forever Club spread a restoration seed mix over freshly fallen snow to help the seeds chances of success. one student pours seed into a handheld seed spreader for another student.

Range Club

The Range Club mission is to promote interest in range management by educating others, while enhancing the social and professional skills of our members through club activities. The Range program at SDSU is accredited by the Society for Range Management, and the club regularly participates and competes at SRM Annual Meeting.

Range Team Poses with their 2nd place trophy in the URME Exam at the 2023 Range Conference.
Range Team studies for the range plant identification exam by examining pressed plants.
Range Team stands in a group picture ready to take the Range Plant Identification Exam  with matching blue shirts.


The Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Club (WFCC) is a student chapter of The Wildlife Society. Goals include: to foster campus and community awareness of wildlife issues; encourage professionalism and high standards of scholarship; prepare members for careers in wildlife biology, conservation, and management; augment educational opportunities for students; and provide opportunities for improved communication among members, other student chapters, and The Wildlife Society. The club welcomes students of all backgrounds and majors with a passion for wildlife and natural resources. We strive to provide our members with unique real-world experiences that will benefit them, including volunteering with professionals in the field, managing duck boxes at a local park, hosting guest speakers, club trips, and our annual Buffalo Banquet! Find them on Instagram at SDSU Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation Club (@sdsu_wfcc) and Facebook at SDSU WFCC (Facebook).

Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Club take a group photo together.
 The Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Club pose for a picture while on their 2022 Hobo Day parade float. Multiple students are dressed like hobos themselves the others are in hunter orange.
Wildlife and Fisheries conservation club went deer shed hunting during the spring semester.  The group stands around a red pickup bed where various deer bones are displayed, including a buck skull and spine bones.
Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Club group stands in front of signs at a state park.