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Grassland Management Certificate (Graduate)

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Certified for success.

Grasslands - including rangelands, pasturelands and haylands - are the principal land resource type in the Great Plains, comprising more than 50% of the land surface area. Grasslands represent a fundamental resource of the region that determines the environmental and economic future of the Great Plains states. The grassland management certificate program exists to help ranchers, consultants, educators and government agencies preserve this regional resource by preventing overgrazing, minimizing undesirable botanical composition shifts, improving grassland health and sustaining long-term productivity.

Whether you want to enhance a major in ecology or agriculture with specialized courses or are a professional looking to advance in your career, the 12-credit grassland management certificate promises a foundational understanding of core concepts including: fire ecology, plant identification, forage quality, watershed management and the ecology of invasive species.

This program is offered by SDSU through the Innovative Digital Education Alliance (IDEA). Courses are taught by experienced faculty members in agriculture disciplines.

Is it for you?

This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Have an interest in being involved with the conservation and management of natural areas with its challenging dual role of food production and the maintenance of biodiversity.

Career Opportunities

  • Rangeland management specialist
  • Land steward
  • Ranch manager
  • Extension educator
  • Environmental consultant
  • Co-op manager