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Department of Natural Resource Management

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About Our Department

If you want to learn more about our department please view our recruitment and our faculty and field specialist videos!

NRM Recruitment Video

NRM Faculty & Field Specialists


Welcome to the wide world of Natural Resources!

Whether your interests are in bird watching, small or large mammals, endangered species, hunting and sport fishing, plant-animal interactions, the ecology or environmental quality of habitats, or the conservation and management of our water and terrestrial resources, we have a home for you.

It is the mission of the Natural Resource Management Department at South Dakota State University to advocate for the management and study of a remarkable and diverse array of animals and plants. This is because we value these animals and plants and their associated habitats across fragmented landscapes around the globe, and recognize the critical roles these animals and plants occupy in sustaining the diversity and health of our natural world.

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From the Department Head

Michele's fishing a big red fish in Florida
Michele Dudash, Department Head (left) and Cap'n Doug (right)

If you love the outdoors and want to learn how best to conserve and manage our natural resources, then please check us out!  Our areas of scientific expertise enable us to train a diverse array of disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate level utilizing interdisciplinary approaches while preparing them for a multitude of career options. South Dakota's natural resources are a key factor in maintaining a high-quality workforce throughout our state. Moreover, the quality of life for many people is intimately tied to their enjoyment of natural areas.
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