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Image for Biological Sciences (Ph.D.) - Natural Resource Management Specialization

Biological Sciences (Ph.D.) - Natural Resource Management Specialization

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Make new discoveries about the natural world.

The Natural Resource Management specialization will provide training in ecology, evolution, environmental sciences, and range areas of expertise with a focus on basic and applied research.

Is it for you?

This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Are a natural resources professional who wants to advance into an academic, management or administrative role
  • Want to begin a new career dealing with environmental issues
  • Have a strong educational foundation in biology, science, ecology and math
  • Can communicate complex ideas and concepts to others
  • Are inquisitive and an analytical thinker

Career Opportunities

  • University professor
  • Researcher
  • Program director for a conservation or wildlife management group
  • Policy director
  • Research lead or director with an environmental consulting firm
  • Manager of sustainable development for an engineering group
  • Lobbyist or advisor for government conservation agencies
  • Environmental/ecological consultant
  • Ecologist