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Departmental Seminar Series

Section - Department of Natural Resource Management

Fall 2023 NRM790 Seminar Series

Day and Time: Fridays at 10-10:50 a.m.
Classroom: McFadden Biostress Laboratory Room. 103 & Zoom
(Ver. October 4, 2023)

Aug. 25

Michele Dudash, Department Head
NRM Introductions and Dept Announcements, etc.
Beth Byre - NRM Best Practices

Sept. 01

Dr. Dylan Spencer, Assistant Professor, SDSU
Bridging the gap between criminology and natural resources

Sept. 08

Dr. Brianna Lind, USGS EROS (Host: Steve Chipps)
NASA looks at Earth too!

Sept. 15

Brandon Clark (M.S. Proposal)
The influence of plant phylogenetic diversity on soil heath and microbial communities and addressing evolutionary 'gaps' in restoration ecology and management


Sept. 22

David Kringen
There and back again: How my career began and ended at SDSU


Sept. 29

Vivian Hulugh (M.S. Proposal)
Assessing Climate Shocks and Responses by Federal and State Agencies in South Dakota

Sean Ryder (M.S. Proposal)
Implementing a Test and Cull Methodology on a Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae Outbreak in the Badlands National Park Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Meta-Population.

Oct. 06

Zigeng Chen (Ph.D. Defense)
C3 and C4 grasslands differ in response to future heavier and less frequent rainfall

Oct. 13

Justin Sturtz (M.S. Proposal)
Investigating the effects of Elaeagnus Angustifolia L. on Stream Dynamics

Evan Spencer (M.S. Proposal)
One Rung at a Time: Climbing the Ladder Towards Aquatic Connectivity of Stream Fishes in Eastern South Dakota

Oct. 20

Miriam Moreno (M.S. Proposal)
Bigheaded carp removal and its ecological impact

Nash Jackson (M.S. Proposal)
Developing DIY women: How hunting groups support women’s access to and sense of belonging on federal public lands

Oct. 27

Shelby Isensee (M.S. Proposal)
Mapping Women’s Hunting and Fishing Groups to Increase Retention of Women

Karma Choki (M.S. Proposal)
The Influence of Carnivore Guild Structure and Anthropogenic Activity on Common Leopard

Nov. 03

Anna Weesies (M.S. Proposal)
Evaluating Cause Specific Mortality of Ungulate Neonates in Northern Minnesota

Brenden Elwer (M.S. Proposal)
Developing a risk assessment for invasive carp in the Dakotas

Nov. 10

No Seminar - Veterans' Day

Nov. 17

Michele Lovara (M.S. Proposal)
Prospective use of detection dogs as a screening tool for Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae infection in bighorn sheep

Jeff Tillery (M.S. Proposal)
Managing Respiratory Disease in a Transboundary Bighorn Sheep Population

Nov. 24

NO SEMINAR - Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 01

Emily Macklin (M.S. Proposal)
Impacts of Land Management and Colony Site Selection of Pinyon Jays