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NRM Facilities

Atrium photo

The Department's on-campus facilities are primarily located in the Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Laboratory (SNP), which was constructed in 1993. However, several faculty offices and labs are located in other locations, including Berg Agricultural Hall and the Animal Science Complex. Our long-term plan is to move as many of the Natural Resource Management faculty to SNP as possible, although we anticipate some faculty members and graduate students will remain in Berg Agricultural Hall.

The Department has approximately 22,700 square feet of assigned space in the building. Included in the building are:

  • 20 faculty/staff office spaces with a main office with two support rooms
  • Main office and three office spaces for the South Dakota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research unit
  • Two teaching laboratories with support rooms
  • Large M.S. graduate student office area with adjoining computer laboratory
  • Ph.D. graduate student office suite
  • Reading room/library
  • 22 research labs of various sizes with different functions
  • Necropsy-dissection laboratory
  • Walk in freezers
  • Bird, fish, mammal and invertebrate/herbarium collection rooms with support rooms
  • Other assorted support shared use and storage areas

The Department also has several off-campus research facilities including:

Taxidermy Fish in Atrium

The atrium entryway to the SNP is glass enclosed and contains exhibits of Biostress activities on both the first and second floors. It is a popular area that attracts students between classes. Other activities are also conducted in the atrium because of its attractiveness.

Hallway: taxidermy birds1
Hallway: taxidermy birds2