Departmental Seminar (NRM 790) - Fall 2020

Date and Time: Friday at 10 a.m.
Classroom: Zoom

Aug. 28Michele Dudash
Department Head
NRM Introductions and Dept Announcements, etc.
Sep. 4Introductions via ZoomAll members of NRM will introduce themselves – a bit of personal and professional information.
Sep. 18NRM 790 students should attend the seminar link noted in place of seminar today. All are welcome to view!The Opening Presentation by Drs. Shirley Malcolm and Robert Jones entitledAdvancing Equity in STEM in a Time of Crisis
Sep. 25NRM 790 students should attend the seminar link noted in place of seminar today. All are welcome to view!Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access: “A Charge for Moving Forward with Systemic Change in Turbulent times
Oct. 2Dr. Miran Hama Salh
Ph.D. - Completion
Modification of plant proteins and their potential application as fish meal replacements in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss feeds
Oct. 9Shiva Torabian
Ph.D. - Proposal
The effects of parasiticides on dung beetles and ecosystem process
Oct. 16Dr. Maaz Gardezi
NRM Affiliate Assistant Professor
Prioritizing climate-smart agriculture: An organizational and temporal review
Oct. 23Stuart Fetherston
Population Genetic Structure and Connectivity of Bobcats in South Dakota Using Harvested Samples to Inform Management
Heidi Becker
Oct. 30Dr. Cody Zilverberg
Dakota Lakes Research Farm
Applications for native plants in conservation agriculture
Nov. 6Dr. Brittany Sutherland
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Host: Maribeth Latvis)
More is more: The role of polyploidy in plant speciation, dispersal and establishment
Nov. 13Dr. Candace May
NRM Affiliate Assistant Professor
Governing the Commons for Socio-Ecological Complexity - institutions, organizations and people for sustainable natural resources
Nov. 20Abdulallah Alomair
Evaluating root sprouting capacity of alfalfa for persistence in harsh environments of semiarid/arid regions
Brandon Snavely
Assessment of factors affecting female black bear harvest rates in North central Pennsylvania