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Innovation and Research

Foster Innovation and Increase Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA)

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  1. Strengthen the leadership and personnel infrastructure for innovation, RSCA and economic development to serve the state, region, nation and world.
    1. Implement effective leadership structures, strategies, expectations and plans in all colleges and departments.
    2. Increase faculty and staff time allocation through flexible workload assignments and incentives, and support for large proposal and interdisciplinary proposal development.
    3. Implement policies and practices of faculty and staff review to optimize unit-level performance across education, outreach and RSCA.
    4. Implement and maintain optimally efficient and high performing staffing structures for pre-award, post-award and general RSCA support in units and centrally.
    5. Recruit and retain personnel aligned with University RSCA goals, including faculty, staff, doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows.
    6. Implement faculty start-up and retention programs with a focus on RSCA goals.
  2. Increase, optimize, and align the physical resources and investments for innovation, RSCA and economic development.
    1. Implement a university-wide research computing and data infrastructure that is optimally responsive to the needs and objectives of society and sponsors.
    2. Implement policy and practice for utilizing focused, interdisciplinary or multi-institutional research centers for strategic positioning and synergy.
    3. Continuously improve and deploy facility space for fulfilling college RSCA goals.
    4. Increase the number of public-private activities located in the Research Park at SDSU.
  3. Create an institutional culture of communicating and branding SDSU RSCA and its achievements, outcomes and impacts to the full scope of stakeholder and peer communities.
    1. Increase partnering and sponsoring opportunities through advocacy and engagement with agencies, enterprises, non-profits, economic development venues and other organizations.
    2. Differentiate SDSU RSCA to build and maintain preferred status among sponsors and partners.

Innovation and Research News

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Innovation Building at Research Park

BEDC partners with SDSU to identify the business value of new innovations

The Brookings Economic Development Corporation is helping committed researchers identify and refine their ideas, determine the business value of these ideas and secure funding to further develop their business concepts.

NIH project seeks to improve cancer-fighting therapeutics

Professor Adam Hoppe is working with researchers at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom to improve the effectiveness of antibody therapeutics designed to fight cancer and target autoimmune disorders, such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

SDSU scientists to examine how coronavirus infects cells

Identifying the mechanisms through which the new coronavirus enters and infects cells can help scientists combat COVID-19—and perhaps other emerging viruses.