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Healthy University

Be a Growing, High-Performing and Healthy University

  1. Infuse core values throughout all levels of the university.
    1. Align individual performance evaluations and organizational assessment systems to support the university’s core values.
    2. Embrace a culture of responsibility and accountability to OUR university.
    3. Implement new professional development opportunities with high employee participation.
    4. Create a culture of personal, professional and organizational well-being throughout the university.
  2. Grow and sustain financial resources aligned with the mission of SDSU.
    1. Develop a comprehensive, growth-oriented strategic enrollment management plan.
    2. Develop new revenue streams through an increase of sponsored programs, fundraising efforts and other endeavors.
  3. Allocate the university’s resources to achieve strategic priorities.
    1. Create a culture that encourages and supports collaboration, sustainability, creativity and bold ideas.
    2. Implement data-informed systems that incorporate efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Healthy University News

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Hieb chosen as June's Civil Service Employee of the Month

It has been said Rick Hieb looks at the South Dakota State University campus as his campus. His attention to making sure everything looks perfect is one of the reasons why he has been named June’s Civil Service Employee of the Month.
Facilities & Services

Fillbrandt named Civil Service Employee of the Month

In recognition of his work in custodial services with South Dakota State University’s Facilities and Services, Travis Fillbrandt has been named the May Civil Service Employee of the Month.  ...

Santos named endowed director of SDSU's Ness School of Management and Economics

Lynn Sargeant, dean of South Dakota State University’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, announced today Joseph Santos has been selected as the second person to hold the title of endowed director of the Ness School of Management and Economics.  ...