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SDSU Connect

SDSU Connect aligns the university’s traditional land-grant mission with the modern needs of Sioux Falls.

The original land-grant mission, as set forth in the 1862 Morrill Act, focused on agriculture, technical, and classical studies, providing practical education with direct relevance to citizens’ daily lives. SDSU still serves that tradition. 

However, today SDSU Connect is modernizing the land-grant mission to also serve the quickly changing demographics and growth of Sioux Falls, including:

  • Showcasing the benefits of a college degree to middle and high school students.
  • Focusing on affordability and access for all.
  • Engaging with community stakeholders to impact local needs, such as internships, employment and research.

SDSU Connect Opportunities

Meet the Team

Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown

Associate Vice President For External Affairs

Vernon Brown, a 1990 SDSU graduate, became the associate vice president for external affairs on Sept. 30, 2022. Brown aligns SDSU’s expertise and resources to deliver the highest impact for the Sioux Falls area. He has 20 years of business executive leadership. He also served eight years on the Sioux Falls City Council, and before that worked as a television reporter. He and his wife, Tami, a 1994 graduate, own and operate The Spice & Tea Exchange of Sioux Falls.



Regen Wiederrich

Regen Wiederrich

SDSU Connect Coordinator

Regen, a 2022 SDSU graduate, earned his bachelor's in communication studies with minors in public relations, leadership and management of non-profit organizations, and history. Regen is from Sioux Falls and is excited about getting back home to help showcase all that SDSU has to offer in the state's largest city. On campus, Regen was heavily involved in the admissions ambassador program by giving campus tours for three and a half years. Regen was also a three-year member of the Hobo Day Committee and served as the 2022 Grand Pooba.