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Imagine 2023 Refresh

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Strategic Plan Refresh

Imagine 2023, launched in 2018, has served South Dakota State University well. It is now time to conduct a thoughtful refresh to affirm its utility and modify as needed. Our mission, vision, core values and the four primary goals have served the university well the past five years and will continue to be the foundation going forward.  

During the refresh process, university leaders must conduct a candid evaluation of everything achieved, prepare an assessment of accomplishments, identify critical strategic issues facing SDSU, and develop recommendations to ensure success and relevance into the future. A comprehensive review of key performance indicators and the measures of success will also be critical to evaluating and communicating success internally and with key stakeholders.  

The refresh will invite participation across the institution and throughout our colleges.  

The Strategic Planning Committee

The university’s Strategic Planning Committee is charged with a collaborative process to engage the campus in a refresh of our Imagine 2023 strategic plan. 

The planning process will be co-led by the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dennis Hedge, and Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, Michaela Willis. 

The Steering Committee will consist of Faculty Senate President, David Wiltse, Professional Staff Advisory Council Chair, Matilyn Kerr, Civil Service Advisory Council Chairperson, Jessica Albee, and Students’ Association President, Blake Pulse, and members from all four sub-committees focusing on our primary goals.  The membership of the sub-committees will be led by:

Goal #1: Achieve Excellence Through Transformative Education: Teresa Seefeldt, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Associate Professor

Goal #2: Cultivate and Strengthen Community Engagement: Justin Sell, Director of Athletics 

Goal #3: Foster Innovation and Increase Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity: Stephen Gent, Professor and Director of the North Central Regional Sun Grant Center

Goal #4: Be a Growing, High-Performing and Healthy University: Mike Holbeck, Vice President for Finance and Budget



  • Establish Strategic Planning Committee and outline charge and expectations
  • Early July: Finalize appointment of Co-Chairs and communicate via Monday Message
  • Determine strategic planning committee via recommendations from Senior Staff
  • DRAFT committee charge and vet with Senior Staff
  • Invite committee members to serve
  • Inform Executive Director of Board of Regents of process
  • Start of school year: announcement of committee and charge


  • Kickoff meeting of Strategic Planning Committee meeting
  • Timeline of activities finalized


  • University and Community input sessions
    • Accomplishments
    • Areas of Continued Focus
    • New Directions


  • Sub-Committees write white paper development and submission
    • Summary of input sessions
    • Bold Ideas
    • Items of Strategic Importance to SDSU
    • Recommendations for Key Performance Indicators



  • Goals conference with strategic planning committee and president's council


  • DRAFT refresh of strategic plan developed
  • DRAFT presented to senior leadership team


  • FINAL plan submitted to President for adoption


  • Submit plan to Board of Regents (BOR) May 2023 meeting
  • Announce final report to campus community

Stakeholder Input Survey

Teresa Seefeldt, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Associate Professor (chair)

Kristen Kponyoh - assistant director, Graduate School

Christina Plemmons - Assistant Dean for Cooperative Programs, Nursing

Kevin Sackreiter - Director  / Assistant Professor, Center of the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Linde Murray - Tutoring & TRIO Program Director, Wintrode Student Success Center

Erin Lavender-Stott - Assistant Professor School of Education, Counseling & Human Development

Marjoanne Thompson - Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs and Accessibility

Ekaterina Koromyslova - Associate Professor, Construction and Operations Management

Carey Kilmer – Director, Continuing & Distance Education

Tamara Lunday – Director, Student Health & Counseling

Joseph  Cassady – Dean, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Kellrhema Udoetuk - Program Assistant, Honors College

Paul Markel -  Director, School of Psychology, Sociology & Rural Studies

Yucheng Liu – Department Head, Mechanical Engineering

Madison Fitch – Student, College of Nursing

Kristin Echtenkamp – Faculty, Library

Justin Sell, Director of Athletics (chair)

Layne Manson - Program Assistant, College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Office

Dan Hansen - Dean and Professor, College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions

Nikki Prosch - Field Specialist, SDSU Extension

Steve Erpenbach - President & CEO, SDSU Foundation

Matty Kerr - Program Advisor for University Traditions, Student Union & Activities

Shelly Bayer – Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Russ Chavez – Director, Veteran Services

Emmeline Weber - Library Operations Manager, Briggs Library

Laura Hasselquist - Assistant Professor, School of Education, Counseling & Human Development

Grant Sternhagen – Student, Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

Donna Merkt – Director, South Dakota Art Museum

Sarah Bad-Warrior Vrooman – Director, Wokini

Paul Briseno - City Manager, City of Brookings

Vernon Brown - Associate Vice President for External Affairs, Office of the President

Kristi Cammack – Director, West River Research Center, Center of Excellence for Bison Studies, Wizipan Leadership & Sustainability Program

Lora Berg – Director Marketing and Communications, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Stephen Gent, Professor and Director of the North Central Regional Sun Grant Center (chair)

Omathanu (Om) Perumal - Associate Dean for Research, College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions           

Jessica Meendering – Professor, School of Health & Consumer Sciences

Kevin Brandt - Assistant Vice President for Research Cyberinfrastructure, Division of Technology & Security        

Diana Behl - Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, School of Design

Kristina Stulken - College Grant Program Specialist, Education & Human Sciences

Julie Westberg - Senior Accountant, Academic Shared Service Center

Rajesh Kavasseri - Associate Dean for Research and Professor, Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

Charlene Wolf-Hall – Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Adam Hoppe – Professor and Interim Dean of Research, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Joseph Santos – Director and Professor, Ness School of Management & Economics

Reid Anema - Graduate Student, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Jenny Kerkvliet – Director of Population Health, Nursing

Zach Smith - Assistant Professor in Animal Science, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Mark Lueke, Chief Executive Officer at South Dakota Innovation Partners 

Mike Holbeck, Vice President for Finance and Budget (chair)

Cady Falken - Program Assistant, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

Nathan Christensen - Senior Associate Athletics Director, Athletic Department

Mary Larson – Director, Human Resources

Andrew Sogn - Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, University Marketing and Communications

Sanjeev Kumar - Dean and Professor, Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

Yura Chong – Controller, Accounting Office

Derek Peterson - Assistant Vice President for Business Services, Finance & Budget

Leacey Brown - Gerontology Field Specialty, SDSU Extension & EHS

Katelyn Romsa - Associate Professor, School of Education, Counseling & Human Development

Andi Fouberg – President and CEO, SDSU Alumni Association

Arian Bunde - Vice President for Strategy & Innovation, SDSU Foundation

Barry Mielke - Associate Vice President for Facilities & Services, Facilities & Services

Shawn Helmbolt – Director, Admissions

Anna Kurtz - Director of Enterprise Applications, IT

Michael Garofalo – Student, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences