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Prior Assessed Learning

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Prior Assessed Learning (PAL)

Credit for prior experiences in various aspects of the nutrition field may be granted in the supervised practice portion of the internship. The number of required supervised hours to be completed during the internship and the number of assignments required to be completed may be reduced upon review of prior learning experiences. This may mean that the intern may be able to complete program requirements ahead of schedule.

Internship fees are not reduced for those who receive credit for prior learning.  However, the cost of participating in the internship may be reduced if fewer hours need to be completed as there may be reduced driving time (reduced mileage costs) and other costs associated with completing supervised practice hours such as meals away from home.

Nutrition experiences will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Any experiences that are requested must have occurred outside of undergraduate dietetic coursework and didactic program activities.  How recent the experiences took place will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of prior learning experiences as well as well as how closely the prior learning experience matches to current experiences required of dietetic interns.  Generally, experiences occurring more than 5 years prior will not be considered for prior learning credit.   It is up to the discretion of the internship program director as to whether prior learning experiences older than 5 years will be considered for prior learning. 

PAL Procedure:

  • PAL applications will be considered after an intern is officially accepted into the SDSU NDI.
  • PAL applications must be submitted to the NDI Program Director by June 15th during the NDI Practicum and Orientation course (NUTR 795).  Late or incomplete PAL applications will not be considered.
  • PAL applications will be submitted electronically and sent via a D2L dropbox to the NDI Program Director, Becky Jensen, MS, RD, LN (
  • The SDSU NDI Program Director will review the application package and determine how much credit will be allowed towards supervised practice hours.  The NDI Program Director reserves the right to contact the intern for additional documentation and clarification if deemed appropriate. 
  • Credit for PAL is granted for learning, not just number of years worked or work experience.
  • The maximum amount of PAL that could potentially be allowed are:
    • Up to 160 hours of management
    • Up to 120 hours of community
    • Up to 120 hours of clinical
    • Up to 20 hours research
  • Total PAL may not exceed 400 hours.

PAL Application Packet:

PAL application materials can be requested by contacting the NDI Program Director:

Resume:  Provide a brief description of education, work, volunteer and service experiences.  Page limit = 5 pages.

PAL Application: When completing the PAL application:  describe how your responsibilities have increased as you continued in your career, share examples of staff interactions, share examples of client education and describe projects.  Examples of evidence that are helpful could include:  sample projects and reports, letters from employer, clients and co-workers, job descriptions, copies of licenses, certificates, etc..



The SDSU NDI has finalized their 2017 intern selections and proudly welcomes the following:

Myranda Dunmire (SDSU), Paige Pappadackis (SDSU), Samantha Kratovil (SDSU), Bailey Larson (UNL), Abbey Nielsen (SDSU), Kim Wong (Southern ILL University), Keith Thompson (SDSU), Lezlie Pommer (SDSU), Karley Konkol (SDSU), Kaitlyn Kimmel (SDSU), Shelby Rachel (St. Catherines, MN), Gabby Norwicki (University New Haven, CT), Amy Hommes (University MN, Twin Cities), Alyssa Kauffman (Bluffton University, OH), Makenna Meier (University Northern Colorado).

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