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Tuition and Funding

Graduate Assistantships

Three types of Graduate Assistantships are available for students obtaining a graduate degree in Health and Nutritional Sciences either at the Master’s or Doctoral level.

  • GTA: Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • GRA: Graduate Research Assistant
  • GAA: Graduate Administrative Assistant

The number of available assistantships is based on funding. Students on graduate assistantships have tuition paid for by the department, but are still responsible for the general activity fee ($34/credit hour). To be eligible for an assistantship, a cumulative and/or Junior/Senior undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required. Otherwise, the student must demonstrate high success in 10 graduate credits before the assistantship is awarded. Once a person is on a graduate assistantship, every effort is made to maintain the assistantship for two years for a Master’s student or four years for a Doctoral student. However, continuing appointment is contingent upon satisfactory performance and available funding.

More information is available on graduate assistant policy, and tuition at the Graduate School. Credit load information is available in the Graduate Catalog. A load certification form is available if the graduate student who is not enrolled as a full-time student but needs to be for health insurance reasons.


The College of Education and Human Sciences offers scholarships annually to students enrolled in the college. The Online Student Scholarship Application is available on MyState under the "My Info" tab. The application window is between mid-December to early February. Students can look for announcements on MyState along with several banners/pamphlets hanging throughout campus. 

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