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NDI Costs

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Estimated Cost

Internship Fee*$9,490

Graduate Application Fee


Tuition and Fees**

  • Resident (tuition and mandatory fees per credit hour, $384.05/credit hour x 35 credits)
  • Minnesota Reciprocity (tuition and mandatory fees per credit hour, $514.90/credit hour x 35 credits
  • Non-Resident (tuition and mandatory fees per credit hour, $694.80/credit hour x 35 credits)

Additional information on the SDSU Cashier’s site.

1st Year tuition & fees (23 credits) $8,833 resident, $11,842 MN reciprocity, $15,980 non-resident

2nd Year tuition & fees (12 credits) 4,608 resident, $6,179 MN reciprocity, $8,337 non-resident

Background Check


Drug testing if required by the supervised practice site (variable)


Immunizations if applicable


Travel (variable depending on rotation site and living arrangements)


Housing (highly variable, additional information at: Off Campus Housing)




Student Professional Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic Membership


Lab coat


South Dakota State University Financial Aid

*The internship fee covers the costs associated with practice exams for the registration exam for dietitians, a portion of the program director salary, supplemental intern training materials, professional development for preceptors, ACEND annual accreditation fees, professional development related expenses for program director and interns and printing, telephone, supplies etc. related to the internship program.

*The internship program fee base is $9,490/year, subject to a 0-2% increase per year dependent on institutional policy. Half ($4,745) of the internship program fee is due at the start of the first fall semester the intern is enrolled in graduate classes towards completion of the internship. For example, if an intern is accepted into the internship during either the Spring Pre-select or Spring Computer Match Process; their first internship program payment will be due the following Fall of that same year regardless of whether they plan to complete the entire program in 1, 2 or 3 years. The remaining half ($4,745) will be due at the start of the subsequent Spring semester. The due dates for the internship program fees will be the same as the due dates established by the university for tuition and fees for each semester.

**Includes liability insurance, students will be registered for practicum and internship credits during their supervised practice rotations and a $15 fee for liability insurance will be charged through tuition and fees.

Graduate Research Assistantship

Graduate students in the dietetic internship may be eligible for a graduate assistantship. The number of available assistantships is based on grant funding. Students on graduate assistantships may be eligible for tuition remission. The reduction does not apply to fees. To be eligible for the reduced tuition, a student must be under contract for a minimum of 25% time per semester up to a maximum of 49% time per semester. Additional information on SDSU graduate school and assistantships can be found in the SDSU Graduate Catalog: