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The SDSU Nutrition and Dietetics Internship (NDI) would like to express our sincere appreciation for our preceptor’s willingness to serve and educate our dietetic interns. Their dedication and contribution to the dietetics profession is admirable and an essential key to the learning process and professional growth of dietetic interns. Preceptors are our partners in this educational process and they make it possible for interns to receive the guidance they need to become qualified dietetics professionals. Their feedback and active participation is vital to the on-going improvement of the SDSU NDI.

Preceptor Training

Online preceptor training will be shared with preceptors by the Program Director.

At a minimum, the following components are covered:

  • Origin and Oversight
  • Mission, Goals and Objectives
  • Programs of Study
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Curriculum and Learning Activities
  • Assessment of Intern Performance
  • Rotation Milestones
  • Electronic Documentation Process
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Preceptors and Interns
  • Feedback Tips and Tools
  • Professional Development Opportunities and Site Awards

Preceptor Continuing Professional Education Opportunities

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) offers at no cost, 8 continuing professional education units for RD’s and DTR’s. To access this course, go to the CDR Online Dietetics Preceptor Training module webpage.

For RD’s; serving as a preceptor is now acknowledged as a learning activity by CDR. Starting June 1, 2017 – preceptors can log activity and hours while serving as a preceptor for an accredited ACEND program.

In order to receive CPEU credit:

  • The precepting must have been completed during the current recertification cycle.
  • The preceptor must complete the Verification and Self-Reflection Form found on the CDR CPEU Credit for Preceptors webpage.
  • The form must be signed and dated by the ACEND accredited program director. The form should be retained by the preceptor as documentation to be submitted to CDR if audited.

A maximum of 3 CPEUs per year or a total of 15 CPEUs per 5-year reporting period can be awarded.

Preceptor/Site Professional Development Awards

The SDSU NDI plans to support the professional development of preceptors by providing a monetary amount towards the purchase of continuing educational units. The amount of the professional development award will be determined based on the total number of hours the site and its preceptors dedicate towards supervised practice hours.

  • 20-40 hours = $50
  • 41-60 hours = $75
  • 61-80 hours = $100
  • 81-100 hours = $150
  • 101-150 hours = $200
  • 151-200 hours = $250
  • 201-300 hours = $300
  • >301 hours = $400 During yearly exit reviews with primary preceptors at sites, the program director will discuss the professional development award and options the SDSU NDI could purchase to support the sites continuing education.