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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Yes, credit card is accepted online on SDePay. SDSU has contracted with NelNet Business Solutions to provide SDePay QuikPAY service for the acceptance of credit card via the web for tuition and fees. There is a service charge (2.85% of the amount of the payment being made) paid by the student or payer to NelNet Business Solutions for making payments using the SDePay QuikPAY service.

South Dakota State University does provide a Tuition Installment Payment Plan to allow students to make payments on current semester tuition at the beginning of the each term. Students or their Authorized Payer can enroll online on SDePay. There is a $45 enrollment fee for this service per semester.

All payments must be made in full by 11:59 p.m. on the semester’s payment due date. The semester payment due date is located in the upper right corner of the statement that is emailed to the student’s Jacks email account. Accounts that are not paid in full or do not have a payment plan in place by the semester’s payment due date will be charged a late fee and an Accounts Receivable (Payment Past Due) hold will be placed on the student account. Holds will be placed on all past due accounts, which will not allow a student to drop or add classes, receive a transcript or enroll in additional courses.

As a general rule, the Cashier’s Office will apply credit from financial aid towards all charges on a student’s account if the student has provided that authorization during their Attendance Confirmation during Spring or Fall. Once these charges have been credited, the Cashier’s Office will release any excess funds by direct deposit or in the form of a refund check. The student is responsible for any charges that appear on the University account and that may occur after a refund has been processed.

If you have any questions about Financial Aid please reach out to them at 605-688-4695.

Make sure you have completed the Attendance Confirmation for Fall and Spring semesters and select to have your refund transferred to you via direct deposit. Electronic Funds Transfers (direct deposit) are processed daily while paper checks are processed once a week.

To receive a refund through direct deposit, the student clicks the “Direct Deposit Refund” link on Self Service under the Financial Information section and provide your bank account information.

Your statement of account will provide the total amount you owe. If the total amount due is not paid by the semester due date, the account will be assessed a late fee. Additionally, a hold will be placed on the account that will restrict future enrollment and the release of student transcripts.

A hold can be place by many different departments, for various reasons. Common types of holds include: AR, Advisement, Athletics, etc.

When viewing the hold from within the student account, additional details should be available. Please contact the Cashier’s Office directly if you have a question about an Accounts Receivable hold.

1. E-check or credit card through SDePay/QuikPAY.

The credit cards accepted are Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express and the transaction will be assessed a 2.85% card processing fee. 

2. Mail a check or money order to the following address:

SDSU Cashier’s Office
SAD 136, Box 2201
Brookings, SD 57007

*Please be sure to include your Name, Student ID, and phone number with the payment.

3. We accept cash or check in our office at Morrill Hall Room 136 - Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. We are unable to accept debit or credit cards in the office.

A student having their tuition paid for by the military, another country, athletics, other departments, employers, employee benefits, school districts, etc.

A federal law called the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that a student’s financial records are private and confidential. The Cashier’s Office is required to secure written authorization from the student prior to the release of the information contained in these records. We recommend that students grant access for parents and others to view financial information by adding them as an Authorized Payer on SDePay.

Students receive the 1098-T tax form in the mail or via email around January 31 of every year. It can, however, be viewed and printed online by going to You will need to register for an account to access your 1098-T. If you aren't sure what your Heartland key is, you may reach out to ECSI customer service at 866-428-1098.

Current students can also access their 1098-T on the MyState portal > dashboard > Student Account Menu (under the student billing account self service menu) > tax notification > tax year.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at


eBilling FAQs

EBilling is a service available to students that will allow them to access their billing statement online rather than waiting for a paper bill. Students will receive an email notification to their University email account notifying them that the eBill is available for viewing. Students may also grant Authorized payer access to the bill and they will receive email notification as well.

Students may access their eBill through Self Service. Once logged into Self Service, go to the Financial Information section and click on the option “View account/SDePay,” this will take you to a secure website where you can access your eBills.

South Dakota State University does not mail paper invoices. Students will receive an email notification that a new eBill has been generated.


To provide the very best customer service to our students and their parents or guardians. The vast majority of students and parents are comfortable with the web environment.

If you'd like a paper bill, you can download and print eBills online from any computer with internet and printer access.

A student has the right and the ability to set up access for whomever they want. They may do this by accessing their SDePay/QuikPAY account as it’s one of the menu options. Once an Authorized Payer has been added to a student’s account they can access the student’s eBill at the following website where they can set up a login and password (assigned by the student) for others to securely view the eBill. The Authorized Payer will also receive email notifications when a new eBill is generated.

Third Party Billing FAQs

The Third Party Sponsor cannot be related to the student beneficiary. The Third Party Sponsor must submit a letter of authorization with the required information by the due date for that term. The Third Party Sponsor must pay SDSU upon receipt of bill. The Third Party Sponsor must agree to abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Students are required to access their SDePay account and JACKS email accounts to monitor their account balances. The student is responsible for knowing their sponsor’s requirements to receive the funding and work directly with their sponsor to provide information required by their sponsor that is outside of the scope of billing and payment. The student is responsible for ensuring their sponsors authorization is on file by the term deadlines to avoid late fees being assessed on their account. The student is responsible for paying any charges not paid by their sponsor.

A Third Party Sponsor letter of authorization to bill is a letter on official letterhead or a form with business logo and information that requests a direct billing from SDSU in order to pay for a portion or all of the approved students educational expenses at SDSU.

This letter of authorization must include the following information:

  • Date the letter of authorization was created.
  • The name or names of the students the third party sponsor wants to be billed for.
  • The ID numbers of the student or students. This is the preferred number. (If the ID number is unknown the last 4 digits of the social security number will be accepted.)
  • What the third party sponsor wants to be billed for. (For example, a specific course or dollar amount per student. If the third party wants to generalize they may state they want to pay all tuition and fees for said students.)
  • The period of time the authorization covers. (If the third party wants to cover a spring course only they may state the period of time as spring term only.)
  • The address where SDSU Cashier’s Office is to send the billing.
  • A contact person, phone number, fax and email address.
  • Signature of person authorized to expend these funds.

In order for any charges to be billed out by the SDSU Cashier’s Office they must be assessed through our university student system. Any charges that are not billed through our student system will not be billed to the Third Party Sponsor.

The Cashier’s Office will not bill Application or Transcript fees. The Cashier’s Office will not bill “Bookstore Charges” posted to the student’s account. Currently, no method is available to verify the content of these charges. Books must be billed directly from the SDSU University Bookstore.

Both the Third Party Sponsor and student are responsible to ensure the letter of authorization is received by the SDSU Cashier’s Office by the deadline for each term to avoid late payment fees on the student account. The deadline to deliver this letter of authorization to the SDSU Cashier's Office is the first day of the term the authorization covers.

You may mail or bring the authorization document to the SDSU Cashier’s Office.

SDSU Cashier’s Office
Attn: Barbara Geise
SAD 136, Box 2201
Brookings, SD 57007-2598

Your sponsor’s letter of authorization was not received by the term deadline.

You did not pay your portion of the bill by the due date.

The Third Party Sponsor will be billed for the authorized term after the adjustment period is completed and usually before the end of the approved term.

The student is responsible for any balance the Third Party Sponsor does not pay. This includes any late fees that have been assessed. A hold will be placed on the student account until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

The Third Party Sponsor Billing process involves billing and payment only. The student is responsible for providing their sponsor with any required student information that is outside the scope of billing and payment. The student is responsible for paying any processing fees related to their requests for university records. If the student’s sponsor provides the student with group health insurance, the student is responsible to provide the university office that handles health insurance a copy of the document stating their coverage and complete any waiver requests according to university policies and deadlines.

Once the letter of authorization is received, reviewed and approved for processing, a conditional credit will be applied to the student account for the amount we will bill the sponsor. The credit does not reflect payment from the sponsor. This credit prevents holds and late fees from being placed on the student account.

The sponsor will be billed after the term adjustment period is over and before the end of the term. If the sponsor does not pay the balance billed to them, the conditional credit on the student account will be removed and the student will be billed directly.

The actual payment that the school receives on your behalf will be processed as a Third Party Sponsor payment to your student account. You will need to follow the specific benefit program requirements, procedures and deadlines of each benefit program you qualify for. For more specific information regarding these types of programs, you may contact the SDSU Cashier’s Office or the SDSU Veterans Affairs Resource Center.

South Dakota State University’s Federal Employer ID Number is 46-6000364

SDSU Cashier’s Office
Attn: Barbara Geise
SAD 136, Box 2201
Brookings, SD 57007-2598

Phone 605-688-6116
Fax 605-688-6944