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Cashier's Office

2019 Fall semester tuition and fees are due September 6, 2019.

SDSU Cashier's Office deals with tuition and fee related processes and questions including: assisting students with questions about their accounts, providing information on all charges and payments applied to student accounts, processing student payments and refunds, and managing student accounts receivable related holds. The Cashier's Office is also the depository office for the funds of all University departments.  The Cashier's Office will establish cash funds for University departments when it is necessary.

The Cashier's Office is legally required to protect student privacy by adhering to FERPA regulations.  Anyone who is not the student who is requesting information about a student's account must be an Authorized Payer on the SDePay webpage or student account information can not be provided. Please view the "Billing and Payment" page for more information about SDePay and the link below for information about FERPA.

FERPA Information