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Financial Aid Semester Start-Up Information

Welcome back! We are excited to have you back on campus for the semester. Visit the Office Financial Aid for additional information about financial aid processing.

Spring Semester Financial Aid

Spring semester aid will start to be applied on Jan. 2, 2024. You can view this via your SDEPAY account.

Please check your Financial Aid Self Service Portal for any outstanding requirements as they can delay aid from being applied.

Contact Us

You can get in touch with a staff member anytime between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday using one of the following options:

  • Stop into our office located in the Enrollment Services Center. No appointment is necessary.
  • Set up a appointment where you can meet with a financial aid counselor.
  • Get in touch via email.
  • Call us at 605-688-4695. (Please note that you may be placed on a brief hold to wait for the next available staff member to answer your call.)

Non-SDSU Scholarship Checks

If you have a non-SDSU scholarship check to drop off, please:

  • Write your student ID number on the front of the check.
  • Endorse the check if it has been made out to you and SDSU.
  • Drop your check off at the Enrollment Services Center.
  • Mail your check to SDSU Financial Aid, Box 511A, Brookings, SD 57007.

If your outside scholarship check will not arrive or be applied on your account by the time the bill is due, you may request a 3-week deferment (extension) of the due date for your Spring 2024 bill based on pending financial aid or external funding that will not be received until after the January 18, 2024 due date. To request this extension, please complete the Bill Due Date Extension Request Form. Include your student ID number and when you expect the check to arrive or the date you dropped it off. Once SDSU receives your scholarship, it may take up to two weeks to be applied to your account. Checks are processed in the order they are received.

Submit Forms and Documents

You can submit forms to our office using one of the options below:

  • Drop off in person at then Enrollment Services Center.
  • Fax to 605-688-5882.
  • Mail to SDSU Financial Aid, Box 511A, Brookings, SD 57007.
  • Some common forms are available to complete electronically.
  • Upload your documents using the secure document submission form.

Please be sure you include your full name and student ID on any document you submit.

Work-Study Students

If you have been offered work-study there are several steps that need to be taken to secure your employment and to begin working to earn your funds. Please visit Work-Study Student for information on the steps you will need to take.

Additional Financial Aid Help

View and Accept Your Financial Aid Offer

You can access your financial aid offer on our student portal. To access the portal, log into MyState and click on the Dashboard tab then locate the Financial Aid Self Service item on your Dashboard. Follow the instructions to access Financial Aid Self Service. If you have not previously logged into your MyState account, please go to In the upper right-hand corner click the "Sign In" button and follow the directions under "MyState First Time Login" on the right.

To accept or decline your financial aid offer once you are logged into your Financial Aid Self Service:

  • View the upper right side of the page and ensure you see South Dakota State and the 2024-2025 Award Year
  • Select View Questions in the red box under “Responses Required” and answer the questions (you can omit this step if you previously answered these questions).
  • Select the Award Offer tab
  • Use the Take Action dropdown box to accept and decline individual awards
  • Select Submit at the bottom of the page

If you accept federal loan funding you will need to complete the following two items before you can receive your loans