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Woodbine Cottage

Woodbine Cottage

Located at the northwest corner of Medary Avenue and Harvey Dunn Street, the residence has served as the official home of SDSU's presidents since 1903.

Building Description

Built in 1887 by the college's second president, Dr. Lewis McLouth. He took the design of Woodbine from a home catalog, Palliser's American Cottage Homes. After McLouth’s departure, the house was purchased by the then South Dakota State College and used as a girl’s dormitory until 1901. Then it was a music hall in 1902. Woodbine was an infirmary for a short time in 1918 when a flu epidemic spread across campus. Woodbine Cottage underwent extensive renovation in 1999, maintaining the integrity of Woodbine as a building on the National Register of Historic Places. The wood-frame home's Queen Anne architecture was also maintained through additions of a solarium in 1932 and of a utility room and breakfast nook after World War II.

Physical Address:

929 Harvey Dunn St.
Brookings, SD 57007