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Pugsley Center

Pugsley Center 2018

Built in 1940, the Pugsley Center is home to the Information Technologies Center, the Communication Studies and Theatre Department, and the early childhood and preschool facilities.

Building Description

Originally built as the Student Union, funding for the three-story, brick structure. It is the product of the loyalty and fundraising genius of the students of that era. The fund began with a penny carnival and was culminated with a pledge of self-assessed student fees to repay the bonds that were matched by the Federal Public Works Administration for $150,000.

Named for former university president Charles Pugsley, also an assistant secretary of agriculture during the Harding Administration, the Union was known for the Jungle, a cafeteria with brightly painted foliage on the walls. Pugsley also is home to the Christy Ballroom, a 1959 addition. In 1973, a new Student Union was built in the center of campus.

Physical Address:

1057 8th St.
Brookings, SD 57007