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Accessible Design


When uploading graphic elements or altering source code, do not use color as the sole method of conveying content or distinguishing visual elements. Similarly, content editors should avoid using stylistic text elements to emphasize written content.

Do not use color to distinguish links from surrounding text unless the luminance contrast between the link and the surrounding text contains a 3:1 ratio and an additional differentiation, e.g. underline, appears when hovering over the link.


If you work within the source code, remember text and images need to have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for screen readability. Large text over 18 point must comprise a contrast ration of 3:1.

Text Elements

Bold and italic text should not take the place of headings. Similarly, block quotes should not be used for text not previously quoted within the webpage, news or event article.


If you alter image color or transparency within the source code, we require you work from our SDSU Living Style Guide.  

Please consider working alongside our UMC Web Services team to ensure your code meets appropriate color contrast standards.

Resources and Testing Tools