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Student Organizations

Athenian Literary Society records
The Athenian Literary Society developed its members in oratory, debate, and extemporaneous speaking and to promote social activities. This collection is composed of the constitution and by-laws for the society as well as programs for graduation exercises and plays presented by the society.

Brookings Veterans Society records
The Brookings Veterans Society consisted of discharged and separated personnel of the United States Armed Forces that were registered as students at South Dakota State University. This collection is composed of correspondence, accounting reports, constitution and by-laws, forms, membership and project data, and newsletters.

Collected Student Organization files
Artificial collection composed of material about various student organizations on the campus of South Dakota State University.

Dairy Club records
The Dairy Club provides outstanding activities designed to provide valuable experience and entertainment for students interested in dairying.  The collection is composed of annual reports, the Dairy Digest, a periodical published by the Dairy Club, and a scrapbook compiled in 1985 for the Dairy Club.

Economics Club records
The Economics Club stimulates interest in the profession of Economics and related fields, foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual helpfulness among students in the Social Sciences, and provide an opportunity for wider acquaintances among students and professional workers in the Social Sciences. This collection consists of club newsletters, photographs, and senior brochures chronicling the graduating club members.

Gamma Sigma Delta records
Gamma Sigma Delta, also known as the Honor Society of Agriculture, is a professional agricultural fraternity. The South Dakota State University chapter of the society was established on May 27, 1958. The collection includes the society's constitutions, programs, yearly records of activities, and financial records.

Geography Club (Gamma Theta Upsilon) records
The Geography Club furthers professional interest in geography, strengthens academic training, and encourages student research. The collection is composed of programs, news releases, and commemorative books for the annual South Dakota State Geography Convention. Also included are flyers for recruitment and events sponsored by the club.

Home Economics Club records
The Home Economics Club was made up of students interested in professional Home Economics and in homemaking. The collection is composed of newsletters, handbooks, a scrapbook, and secretary books from the beginning of the club to 1956.

Miltonian Literary Society records
The Miltonian Literary Society fostered training along forensic, dramatic and social lines. The collection is composed of correspondence, ledgers from the beginnings of the society that include the constitution of the society and minutes from meetings and programs from plays presented by the society.

Native American Club records
The Native American Club stimulates interest in higher education among all Native Americans. The collection is composed of programs, flyers, and posters for events sponsored or co-sponsored by the club. Also included are powwow viewers guides and information on the club.

Non-Traditional Student Club records
The Non-Traditional Student Club fostered lifelong learning. The collection is composed of budget data, the constitution, correspondence, membership lists, minutes, executive council material, and miscellaneous items.

Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society records
Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi recognizes and encourages of superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. The collection is composed of programs for banquets and lectures, faculty lectureship nomination letters, and a few speeches from annual faculty lectures.