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South Dakota Humanities Council Records

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Collection Summary


MA 17


South Dakota Humanities Council Records



Physical Description

48 linear feet (48 records boxes)

Name of Creator(s)

South Dakota Humanities Council




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections
Hilton M. Briggs Library (SBL) Room 241, Box 2115
1300 North Campus Drive, Brookings, SD 57007
Phone: 605-688-5094

Access Note

Open. This material does not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Physical Access

This collection is stored off-site. Requests to view this material must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Preferred Citation

Name of item, MA 17, box #, folder #, South Dakota Humanities Council Records, South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The SD Humanities Council is a statewide non-profit that promotes and supports the exchange of ideas to foster a thoughtful and engaged society. The records are composed of correspondence, publications, minutes and materials related to meetings, financial records, material related to the South Dakota Humanities Foundation, projects and research, grant proposals submitted to the council, and material related to the Speakers Bureau and the Reading Series, the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

The South Dakota Humanities Council (SDHC), was founded in 1972 in response to an act of Congress. It is the only cultural organization whose sole mission is to deliver humanities programming to the people of South Dakota. Through literature, history, and other humanities subjects, the Council promotes increased cultural awareness and greater appreciation of the state's rich cultural heritage while also emphasizing the importance of understanding the universal human experience. This programming vision forms the core mission of SDHC. The agency supports and promotes public programming while providing grant funding to South Dakota non-profit and educational organizations for programs in traditional humanities disciplines. For 35 years, the SDHC has provided a host of opportunities. Financial Grant Support is available for community organizations through Discussion Grants, Media Grants and Research Grants.

The Council is operated by a staff of five full-time professionals. The Council maintains a board of 18 South Dakotans who set policy, provide guidance and determine programming goals and missions. The board is composed of citizens with varied backgrounds who serve as volunteer board members. There are four members of the Council board that are appointed by the Governor of South Dakota.



This collection is arranged series:

  • Big Read
  • Correspondence
  • Financial Records
  • General Files
  • Grant #1
  • Grant Letters
  • Grants and Other Projects
  • Market News
  • Meetings
  • Miscellaneous Films
  • National endowment for the Humanities
  • Projects and Research
  • Proposals
  • Publications
  • Reading Series
  • South Dakota Festival of Books
  • South Dakota Humanities Foundation
  • Speakers Bureau

Contents Note

This collection is composed of correspondence, publications, minutes and materials related to meetings, general office files, financial records, material related to the South Dakota Humanities Foundation, projects and research, grant proposals submitted to the council, and material related to the Big Read, South Dakota Festival of Books, Speakers Bureau, the Reading Series, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Also included are photographic prints, negatives, slides, films, audio reels, audio cassettes, video cassettes, and filmstrips.

The material related to proposals consists of the most interesting material in this collection. Included in these files are applications submitted by potential grantees, award and rejection letters, correspondence with the grantee and council staff, program evaluation forms, financial material related to the grant, media and publication produced by the grantee, and publicity about the grant/program. Some files also contain final products produced by the grantee, such as films, videos, publications, and audio material. Materials in these sub-series are arranged by grant proposal number.

The financial records are composed of vouchers, accounting ledger sheets, reports, and receipts and disbursements. Material is these sub-series are arranged by account number.

Subject Headings

  • Humanities -- South Dakota
  • South Dakota Humanities Council


Related Archival Materials

Silver anniversary anthology: twenty-five years of the South Dakota Humanities Council 1972-1997, Thomas J. Gasque, The Council, 1997. ARCHIVES: PS548.S8 S54 1997

South Dakota Humanities Council website


Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

Physical Access

This collection is stored off-site. Requests to view this material must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.


Copyright Status

In copyright.

Copyright Notice

Researchers may quote from the collection under the fair use provision of the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code). Requests to publish should be arranged with the SDSU Archives and Special Collections.

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CONTAINER LIST: South Dakota Humanities Council Records, MA 17

Big Read4642Big Read2006
Big Read4643Big Read part 1 [6 color photos]2006
Big Read471Big Read part 22006
Big Read4634Big Read: Ambassadors2006
Big Read4633Big Read: Bookmark/ Book2006
Big Read4623Big Read: Celebrity Posters2006
Big Read4632Big Read: Direct Mail2006
Big Read4641Big Read: Evaluation2006
Big Read477Big Read: Evaluation2007
Big Read4717Big Read: Evaluations2009
Big Read4719Big Read: Events2009
Big Read4635Big Read: Festival of Books [43 color photos]2006
Big Read478Big Read: Letters2007
Big Read4631Big Read: Magazines2006
Big Read4713Big Read: Magazines2007
Big Read4637Big Read: Meetings2006
Big Read4636Big Read: Miscellaneous2006
Big Read4622Big Read: Narrative2005
Big Read4630Big Read: News Releases2006
Big Read4629Big Read: Newsletters2006
Big Read4710Big Read: Newsletters2007
Big Read4639Big Read: Newspapers2006
Big Read4711Big Read: Newspapers2007
Big Read4712Big Read: Online2007
Big Read476Big Read: Photographs2007
Big Read472Big Read: Photographs [73 color photos]2006
Big Read475Big Read: Planning2007
Big Read4638Big Read: Posters2006
Big Read4625Big Read: Promotions2006
Big Read479Big Read: Promotions2007
Big Read4718Big Read: Promotions2009
Big Read4628Big Read: Radio2006
Big Read4624Big Read: Readers Guide2006
Big Read4627Big Read: TV2006
Big Read4626Big Read: Web2006
Big Read4640Big Read: Work plan2006
Big Read4812Working with the Media: The Big Readundated
Correspondence532Associate Director1981
Correspondence568Associate Director1982
Correspondence711Associate Director1985
Correspondence84Associate Director1987
Correspondence838Associate Director1988
Correspondence95Associate Director1989
Correspondence937Associate Director1990
Correspondence1012Associate Director1991
Correspondence1113Associate Director1992
Correspondence371Associate Director1977
Correspondence131Augustana College1972
Correspondence22Augustana College1973
Correspondence246Augustana College1974
Correspondence38Augustana College1975
Correspondence372Augustana College1977
Correspondence46Augustana College1978
Correspondence440Augustana College1979
Correspondence53Augustana College1980
Correspondence533Augustana College1981
Correspondence569Augustana College1982
Correspondence638Augustana College1984
Correspondence712Augustana College1985
Correspondence741Augustana College1986
Correspondence85Augustana College1987
Correspondence96Augustana College1989
Correspondence938Augustana College1990
Correspondence1013Augustana College1991
Correspondence610Augustana College1983
Correspondence839Augustana College1988
Correspondence1423Black Hills State University1994
Correspondence441Black Hills State University1979
Correspondence54Black Hills State University1980
Correspondence534Black Hills State University1981
Correspondence570Black Hills State University1982
Correspondence611Black Hills State University1983
Correspondence639Black Hills State University1984
Correspondence713Black Hills State University1985
Correspondence742Black Hills State University1986
Correspondence86Black Hills State University1987
Correspondence840Black Hills State University1988
Correspondence1014Black Hills State University1991
Correspondence3921Correspondence: Jim Kraft, Signe Dodge1971-1973
Correspondence132Dakota State University1972
Correspondence23Dakota State University1973
Correspondence247Dakota State University1974
Correspondence39Dakota State University1975
Correspondence375Dakota State University1977
Correspondence49Dakota State University1978
Correspondence442Dakota State University1979
Correspondence55Dakota State University1980
Correspondence535Dakota State University1981
Correspondence572Dakota State University1982
Correspondence613Dakota State University1983
Correspondence640Dakota State University1984
Correspondence743Dakota State University1986
Correspondence842Dakota State University1988
Correspondence939Dakota State University1990
Correspondence133Dakota Wesleyan University1972
Correspondence24Dakota Wesleyan University1973
Correspondence310Dakota Wesleyan University1975
Correspondence376Dakota Wesleyan University1977
Correspondence410Dakota Wesleyan University1978
Correspondence443Dakota Wesleyan University1979
Correspondence56Dakota Wesleyan University1980
Correspondence536Dakota Wesleyan University1981
Correspondence614Dakota Wesleyan University1983
Correspondence641Dakota Wesleyan University1984
Correspondence714Dakota Wesleyan University1985
Correspondence744Dakota Wesleyan University1986
Correspondence89Dakota Wesleyan University1987
Correspondence97Dakota Wesleyan University1989
Correspondence940Dakota Wesleyan University1990
Correspondence1015Dakota Wesleyan University1991
Correspondence134Former Committee Members1972
Correspondence25Former Committee Members1973
Correspondence248Former Committee Members1974
Correspondence311Former Committee Members1975
Correspondence345Former Committee Members1976
Correspondence377Former Committee Members1977
Correspondence411Former Committee Members1978
Correspondence444Former Committee Members1979
Correspondence57Former Committee Members1980
Correspondence537Former Committee Members1981
Correspondence573Former Committee Members1982
Correspondence615Former Committee Members1983
Correspondence642Former Committee Members1984
Correspondence715Former Committee Members1985
Correspondence745Former Committee Members1986
Correspondence843Former Committee Members1988
Correspondence98Former Committee Members1989
Correspondence1016Former Committee Members1991
Correspondence1114Former Committee Members1992
Correspondence346Former Council Members1976
Correspondence378Former Council Members1977
Correspondence412Former Council Members1978
Correspondence445Former Council Members1979
Correspondence58Former Council Members1980
Correspondence538Former Council Members1981
Correspondence574Former Council Members1982
Correspondence616Former Council Members1983
Correspondence643Former Council Members1984
Correspondence716Former Council Members1985
Correspondence746Former Council Members1986
Correspondence810Former Council Members1987
Correspondence844Former Council Members1988
Correspondence99Former Council Members1989
Correspondence135Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1972
Correspondence26Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1973
Correspondence249Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1974
Correspondence312Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1975
Correspondence347Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1976
Correspondence379Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1977
Correspondence413Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1978
Correspondence446Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1979
Correspondence59Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1980
Correspondence539Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1981
Correspondence644Former National Endowment for the Humanities Staff1984
Correspondence136Freeman Junior College1972
Correspondence27Freeman Junior College1973
Correspondence250Freeman Junior College1974
Correspondence313Freeman Junior College1975
Correspondence348Freeman Junior College1976
Correspondence380Freeman Junior College1977
Correspondence447Freeman Junior College1979
Correspondence540Freeman Junior College1981
Correspondence575Freeman Junior College1982
Correspondence645Freeman Junior College1984
Correspondence3915General Correspondence1971-1972
Correspondence3916General Correspondence1972-1975
Correspondence3918General Correspondence1972-1975
Correspondence3919General Correspondence1972-1975
Correspondence3920General Correspondence1972-1975
Correspondence4114General Correspondence1974-1979
Correspondence4229General Correspondence1975-1987
Correspondence4115General Correspondence1976-1980
Correspondence811Gerry Berger Law1987
Correspondence910Gerry Berger Law1989
Correspondence941Gerry Berger Law1990
Correspondence1214Gerry Berger Law1993
Correspondence1424Gerry Berger Law1994
Correspondence812Governor George S. Mickelson1987
Correspondence845Governor George S. Mickelson1988
Correspondence911Governor George S. Mickelson1989
Correspondence942Governor George S. Mickelson1990
Correspondence1017Governor George S. Mickelson1991
Correspondence1115Governor George S. Mickelson1992
Correspondence414Governor Harvey L. Wollman1978
Correspondence448Governor William J. Janklow1979
Correspondence510Governor William J. Janklow1980
Correspondence541Governor William J. Janklow1981
Correspondence576Governor William J. Janklow1982
Correspondence617Governor William J. Janklow1983
Correspondence646Governor William J. Janklow1984
Correspondence717Governor William J. Janklow1985
Correspondence747Governor William J. Janklow1986
Correspondence186Governor William J. Janklow1997
Correspondence246Governor William J. Janklow1999
Correspondence137Huron University1972
Correspondence28Huron University1973
Correspondence251Huron University1974
Correspondence314Huron University1975
Correspondence381Huron University1977
Correspondence416Huron University1978
Correspondence450Huron University1979
Correspondence512Huron University1980
Correspondence578Huron University1982
Correspondence618Huron University1983
Correspondence647Huron University1984
Correspondence718Huron University1985
Correspondence847Huron University1988
Correspondence1018Huron University1991
Correspondence1425Huron University1994
Correspondence4418Marken Records1971-1975
Correspondence4417Marken Records Correspondence1971-1973
Correspondence4419Marken Records Correspondence1971-1975
Correspondence4420Marken Records Correspondence1971-1977
Correspondence4421Marken Records Correspondence Barcroft1971-1973
Correspondence4422Marken Records Correspondence Carlson1971
Correspondence4423Marken Records Correspondence Greenfield1971-1972
Correspondence4424Marken Records Correspondence Haugh, Rich1970-1973
Correspondence4426Marken Records Correspondence Whalen1972-1974
Correspondence138Mount Marty College1972
Correspondence315Mount Marty College1975
Correspondence349Mount Marty College1976
Correspondence382Mount Marty College1977
Correspondence417Mount Marty College1978
Correspondence451Mount Marty College1979
Correspondence513Mount Marty College1980
Correspondence543Mount Marty College1981
Correspondence579Mount Marty College1982
Correspondence648Mount Marty College1984
Correspondence719Mount Marty College1985
Correspondence748Mount Marty College1986
Correspondence813Mount Marty College1987
Correspondence848Mount Marty College1988
Correspondence943Mount Marty College1990
Correspondence1019Mount Marty College1991
Correspondence4437National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Letter, 1st Year1972-1973
Correspondence4438National Endowment for the Humanities Grant letters 2nd Year1973-1974
Correspondence139Northern State University1972
Correspondence252Northern State University1974
Correspondence316Northern State University1975
Correspondence350Northern State University1976
Correspondence383Northern State University1977
Correspondence418Northern State University1978
Correspondence452Northern State University1979
Correspondence514Northern State University1980
Correspondence544Northern State University1981
Correspondence580Northern State University1982
Correspondence619Northern State University1983
Correspondence649Northern State University1984
Correspondence720Northern State University1985
Correspondence749Northern State University1986
Correspondence814Northern State University1987
Correspondence849Northern State University1988
Correspondence944Northern State University1990
Correspondence1117Northern State University1992
Correspondence4216Oahe Correspondence1975-1976
Correspondence421Oahe Correspondence1976-1977
Correspondence317Oglala Sioux Community College1975
Correspondence351Oglala Sioux Community College1976
Correspondence384Oglala Sioux Community College1977
Correspondence453Oglala Sioux Community College1979
Correspondence515Oglala Sioux Community College1980
Correspondence545Oglala Sioux Community College1981
Correspondence581Oglala Sioux Community College1982
Correspondence620Oglala Sioux Community College1983
Correspondence650Oglala Sioux Community College1984
Correspondence750Oglala Sioux Community College1986
Correspondence815Oglala Sioux Community College1987
Correspondence850Oglala Sioux Community College1988
Correspondence945Oglala Sioux Community College1990
Correspondence419Panel of Humanities Scholars1978
Correspondence454Panel of Humanities Scholars1979
Correspondence516Panel of Humanities Scholars1980
Correspondence546Panel of Humanities Scholars1981
Correspondence582Panel of Humanities Scholars1982
Correspondence621Panel of Humanities Scholars1983
Correspondence913Panel of Humanities Scholars1989
Correspondence1118Panel of Humanities Scholars1992
Correspondence140Presentation Junior College1972
Correspondence29Presentation Junior College1973
Correspondence253Presentation Junior College1974
Correspondence318Presentation Junior College1975
Correspondence352Presentation Junior College1976
Correspondence385Presentation Junior College1977
Correspondence421Presentation Junior College1978
Correspondence518Presentation Junior College1980
Correspondence584Presentation Junior College1982
Correspondence623Presentation Junior College1983
Correspondence652Presentation Junior College1984
Correspondence851Presentation Junior College1988
Correspondence947Presentation Junior College1990
Correspondence422Rapid City1978
Correspondence456Rapid City1979
Correspondence519Rapid City1980
Correspondence548Rapid City1981
Correspondence585Rapid City1982
Correspondence653Rapid City1984
Correspondence722Rapid City1985
Correspondence752Rapid City1986
Correspondence852Rapid City1988
Correspondence1427Rapid City1994
Correspondence1532Rapid City1995
Correspondence141School of Mines and Technology1972
Correspondence319School of Mines and Technology1975
Correspondence353School of Mines and Technology1976
Correspondence386School of Mines and Technology1977
Correspondence423School of Mines and Technology1978
Correspondence457School of Mines and Technology1979
Correspondence520School of Mines and Technology1980
Correspondence586School of Mines and Technology1982
Correspondence654School of Mines and Technology1984
Correspondence723School of Mines and Technology1985
Correspondence753School of Mines and Technology1986
Correspondence853School of Mines and Technology1988
Correspondence948School of Mines and Technology1990
Correspondence3111School of Mines and Technology2001
Correspondence210Sinte Gleska College1973
Correspondence320Sinte Gleska College1975
Correspondence354Sinte Gleska College1976
Correspondence387Sinte Gleska College1977
Correspondence424Sinte Gleska College1978
Correspondence521Sinte Gleska College1980
Correspondence549Sinte Gleska College1981
Correspondence587Sinte Gleska College1982
Correspondence624Sinte Gleska College1983
Correspondence655Sinte Gleska College1984
Correspondence817Sinte Gleska College1987
Correspondence854Sinte Gleska College1988
Correspondence915Sinte Gleska College1989
Correspondence950Sinte Gleska College1990
Correspondence425Sioux Falls1978
Correspondence458Sioux Falls1979
Correspondence522Sioux Falls1980
Correspondence550Sioux Falls1981
Correspondence588Sioux Falls1982
Correspondence656Sioux Falls1984
Correspondence754Sioux Falls1986
Correspondence818Sioux Falls1987
Correspondence855Sioux Falls1988
Correspondence916Sioux Falls1989
Correspondence1020Sioux Falls1991
Correspondence1428Sioux Falls1994
Correspondence142Sioux Falls College1972
Correspondence321Sioux Falls College1975
Correspondence388Sioux Falls College1977
Correspondence426Sioux Falls College1978
Correspondence459Sioux Falls College1979
Correspondence523Sioux Falls College1980
Correspondence589Sioux Falls College1982
Correspondence625Sioux Falls College1983
Correspondence724Sioux Falls College1985
Correspondence819Sioux Falls College1987
Correspondence917Sioux Falls College1989
Correspondence1021Sioux Falls College1991
Correspondence427South Dakota State University1978
Correspondence460South Dakota State University1979
Correspondence524South Dakota State University1980
Correspondence551South Dakota State University1981
Correspondence590South Dakota State University1982
Correspondence626South Dakota State University1983
Correspondence657South Dakota State University1984
Correspondence725South Dakota State University1985
Correspondence755South Dakota State University1986
Correspondence820South Dakota State University1987
Correspondence856South Dakota State University1988
Correspondence918South Dakota State University1989
Correspondence949South Dakota State University1990
Correspondence1022South Dakota State University1991
Correspondence1120South Dakota State University1992
Correspondence1217South Dakota State University1993
Correspondence1429South Dakota State University1994
Correspondence1533South Dakota State University1995
Correspondence389University of South Dakota1977
Correspondence428University of South Dakota1978
Correspondence461University of South Dakota1979
Correspondence525University of South Dakota1980
Correspondence552University of South Dakota1981
Correspondence591University of South Dakota1982
Correspondence627University of South Dakota1983
Correspondence658University of South Dakota1984
Correspondence727University of South Dakota1985
Correspondence756University of South Dakota1986
Correspondence821University of South Dakota1987
Correspondence857University of South Dakota1988
Correspondence919University of South Dakota1989
Correspondence951University of South Dakota1990
Correspondence1430University of South Dakota1994
Financial Records175Accounts list1996
Financial Records391Activity Account, National Endowment for the Humanities Planning Grant1971-1972
Financial Records1218Adjusting Entries1993
Financial Records177All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1996
Financial Records178All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1996
Financial Records2113All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2114All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2115All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2116All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2117All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2118All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2119All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2120All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2121All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2122All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2123All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records2124All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31)1998
Financial Records179All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1997 November 1-1998 October 31) (closed)1996
Financial Records2125All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2126All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2127All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2128All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2129All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2130All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2131All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2132All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2133All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records2134All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1998
Financial Records249All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2410All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2411All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2412All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2413All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2414All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2415All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2416All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2417All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2418All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2419All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2420All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1998 November 1-1999 October 31)1999
Financial Records2135All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1998
Financial Records2136All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1998
Financial Records2137All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1998
Financial Records2138All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1998
Financial Records2139All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1998
Financial Records2421All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2422All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2423All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2424All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2425All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2426All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2427All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2428All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2429All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2430All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2431All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2432All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records2433All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)1999
Financial Records285All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records286All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records287All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records288All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records289All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2810All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2811All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2812All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2813All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2814All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2815All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2816All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (1999 November 1-2000 October 31)2000
Financial Records2434All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)1999
Financial Records2435All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)1999
Financial Records2436All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)1999
Financial Records2437All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)1999
Financial Records2438All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)1999
Financial Records2439All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)1999
Financial Records2440All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)1999
Financial Records2817All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2818All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2819All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2820All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2821All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2822All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2823All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2824All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records2825All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2000
Financial Records3112All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3113All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3114All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3115All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3116All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3117All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3118All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3119All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3120All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3121All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3122All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3123All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2000 November 1-2001 October 31)2001
Financial Records3124All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3125All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3126All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3127All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3128All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3129All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3130All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3131All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3132All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3133All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records3134All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (2001 November 1-2002 October 31)2001
Financial Records1811All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (November 1, 1996 to October 31, 1997)1997
Financial Records1812All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (November 1, 1996 to October 31, 1997)1997
Financial Records1813All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (November 1, 1996 to October 31, 1997), 1997-981997
Financial Records1814All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (November 1, 1998 to October 31, 1999)1997
Financial Records1815All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements (November 1, 1999 to October 31, 2000)1997
Financial Records1123All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements [=709092]1992
Financial Records1219All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements, 1996 November 1-1997 October 31 [709093]1993
Financial Records1220All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements, 1996 November 1-1997 October 31 [709093]1993
Financial Records1221All Accounts Receipts and Disbursements, 1996 November 1-1997 October 31 [709093]1993
Financial Records1313All Grants Fiscal Year 1992 and Fiscal Year 19931993
Financial Records187Audit1997
Financial Records2111Audit1998
Financial Records247Audit1999
Financial Records173Audit Fiscal Years 1995, 1996, 1995-961996
Financial Records1128Audit of The Columbian Legacy: A Meeting of Cultures1992
Financial Records1129Audit of Vitality of the Village Community (grantee audit)1992
Financial Records1431Audit Report 1994 October 31 and 1993, 1993-941994
Financial Records1432Audit Report for the Two Years Ended December 31, 1994, 1993-941994
Financial Records823Audit survey1987
Financial Records1222Audit Trail1993
Financial Records2826Audit Trail2000
Financial Records176Audit Trail of General Journal1996
Financial Records1816Audit Trail of General Journal1997
Financial Records2140Audit Trail of General Journal Posting1998
Financial Records1433Awards: Major, etc.1994
Financial Records1710Balance sheet1996
Financial Records2441Balance Sheet and Income Statements of 2002 November1999
Financial Records2827Balance Sheets and Income Statements2000
Financial Records188Budget Summary1997
Financial Records2828Central Mail (S.D.S.U. Campus)2000
Financial Records189Certified gifts1997
Financial Records284Federal Cash Transactions (quarterly)2000
Financial Records1124General Journal Entries1992
Financial Records1223General Journal Entries1993
Financial Records1817General Journal Entries1997
Financial Records2141General Journal Entries1998
Financial Records2829General Journal Entries2000
Financial Records1711General Ledger1996
Financial Records1127General Ledger Account Activity Report, 1993-941992
Financial Records1126General Ledger Account Inquiry1992
Financial Records1224General Ledger Account Inquiry1993
Financial Records1712General Ledger Account Inquiry1996
Financial Records1818General Ledger Account Inquiry1997
Financial Records2142General Ledger Account Inquiry1998
Financial Records2442General Ledger Account Inquiry1999
Financial Records2830General Ledger Account Inquiry2000
Financial Records2831General Ledger Account Inquiry2000
Financial Records2832General Ledger Account Inquiry2000
Financial Records3135General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records3136General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records3137General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records3138General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records3139General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records321General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records322General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records323General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records324General Ledger Account Inquiry2001
Financial Records1125General Ledger Account Inquiry, 1993-941992
Financial Records2833Gifts2000
Financial Records952Gifts and Matching Account, 1972-19781990
Financial Records1122Golden Bowl Project (vouchers, journal)1992
Financial Records1713Income statement1996
Financial Records1819Income Statement1997
Financial Records1225Income Statements, 1995-971993
Financial Records1810In-Kind and Grants Obligated1997
Financial Records1314Kinner, Holmberg and Co. Ltd. Certified Public Accountants, Vouchers1993
Financial Records248Master Grant Records Listing1999
Financial Records285Miscellaneous Income forms (I.R.S.)2000
Financial Records3417Miscellaneous Income forms (I.R.S.)2002
Financial Records1434Reading Series Calendar Year 19941994
Financial Records3628Reading Series Vouchers (Packaged Reading Program)2003
Financial Records2112Re-grants, 1000 series1998
Financial Records1435Resource Center1994
Financial Records3629Resource Center Rentals2003
Financial Records2143S.D.S.U. Printouts: Statements, Transactions1998
Financial Records1436Scholars1994
Financial Records174Scholars: Calendar Year 19961996
Financial Records1437Speakers Bureau1994
Financial Records221Statement of Reading Center Disbursements1998
Financial Records1226Statement of Reading Series Disbursements1993
Financial Records1714Statement of Reading Series Disbursements1996
Financial Records1820Statement of Reading Series Disbursements1997
Financial Records251Statement of Reading Series Disbursements1999
Financial Records2834Statement of Reading Series Disbursements2000
Financial Records325Statement of Reading Series Disbursements2001
Financial Records1227Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1993
Financial Records1715Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1996
Financial Records1821Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1997
Financial Records222Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1998
Financial Records252Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1999
Financial Records2835Statement of Receipts and Disbursements2000
Financial Records326Statement of Receipts and Disbursements2001
Financial Records1716Statement of Resource Center Disbursements1996
Financial Records1822Statement of Resource Center Disbursements1997
Financial Records223Statement of Resource Center Disbursements1998
Financial Records253Statement of Resource Center Disbursements1999
Financial Records2836Statement of Resource Center Disbursements2000
Financial Records327Statement of Resource Center Disbursements2001
Financial Records1228Statement of Resource Center Disbursements1993
Financial Records1229Trial Balance1993
Financial Records1717Trial Balance1996
Financial Records1823Trial Balance1997
Financial Records224Trial Balance1998
Financial Records254Trial Balance1999
Financial Records2837Trial Balance2000
Financial Records328Trial Balance2001
Financial Records1230Vouchers1993
Financial Records1231Vouchers1993
Financial Records1232Vouchers1993
Financial Records1233Vouchers1993
Financial Records1234Vouchers1993
Financial Records131Vouchers1993
Financial Records132Vouchers1993
Financial Records133Vouchers1993
Financial Records134Vouchers1993
Financial Records135Vouchers1993
Financial Records136Vouchers1993
Financial Records137Vouchers1993
Financial Records138Vouchers1993
Financial Records139Vouchers1993
Financial Records1310Vouchers1993
Financial Records1824Vouchers1997
Financial Records1825Vouchers1997
Financial Records1826Vouchers1997
Financial Records1827Vouchers1997
Financial Records1828Vouchers1997
Financial Records1829Vouchers1997
Financial Records1830Vouchers1997
Financial Records1831Vouchers1997
Financial Records1832Vouchers1997
Financial Records1833Vouchers1997
Financial Records191Vouchers1997
Financial Records192Vouchers1997
Financial Records193Vouchers1997
Financial Records194Vouchers1997
Financial Records195Vouchers1997
Financial Records196Vouchers1997
Financial Records225Vouchers1998
Financial Records226Vouchers1998
Financial Records227Vouchers1998
Financial Records228Vouchers1998
Financial Records229Vouchers1998
Financial Records2210Vouchers1998
Financial Records2211Vouchers1998
Financial Records2212Vouchers1998
Financial Records2213Vouchers1998
Financial Records2214Vouchers1998
Financial Records2215Vouchers1998
Financial Records2216Vouchers1998
Financial Records2217Vouchers1998
Financial Records2218Vouchers1998
Financial Records2219Vouchers1998
Financial Records2220Vouchers1998
Financial Records255Vouchers1999
Financial Records256Vouchers1999
Financial Records257Vouchers1999
Financial Records258Vouchers1999
Financial Records259Vouchers1999
Financial Records2510Vouchers1999
Financial Records2511Vouchers1999
Financial Records2512Vouchers1999
Financial Records2513Vouchers1999
Financial Records2514Vouchers1999
Financial Records2515Vouchers1999
Financial Records2516Vouchers1999
Financial Records2517Vouchers1999
Financial Records2518Vouchers1999
Financial Records291Vouchers2000
Financial Records292Vouchers2000
Financial Records293Vouchers2000
Financial Records294Vouchers2000
Financial Records295Vouchers2000
Financial Records296Vouchers2000
Financial Records297Vouchers2000
Financial Records298Vouchers2000
Financial Records299Vouchers2000
Financial Records2910Vouchers2000
Financial Records2911Vouchers2000
Financial Records2912Vouchers2000
Financial Records2913Vouchers2000
Financial Records2914Vouchers2000
Financial Records2915Vouchers2000
Financial Records2916Vouchers2000
Financial Records2917Vouchers2000
Financial Records2918Vouchers2000
Financial Records2919Vouchers2000
Financial Records329Vouchers2001
Financial Records3210Vouchers2001
Financial Records3211Vouchers2001
Financial Records3212Vouchers2001
Financial Records3213Vouchers2001
Financial Records3214Vouchers2001
Financial Records3215Vouchers2001
Financial Records3216Vouchers2001
Financial Records3217Vouchers2001
Financial Records3218Vouchers2001
Financial Records3219Vouchers2001
Financial Records3220Vouchers2001
Financial Records3221Vouchers2001
Financial Records3222Vouchers2001
Financial Records3223Vouchers2001
Financial Records3224Vouchers2001
Financial Records3225Vouchers2001
Financial Records3226Vouchers2001
Financial Records3227Vouchers2001
Financial Records3228Vouchers2001
Financial Records3229Vouchers2001
Financial Records3418Vouchers2002
Financial Records3419Vouchers2002
Financial Records3420Vouchers2002
Financial Records3421Vouchers2002
Financial Records3422Vouchers2002
Financial Records3423Vouchers2002
Financial Records3424Vouchers2002
Financial Records3425Vouchers2002
Financial Records3426Vouchers2002
Financial Records3427Vouchers2002
Financial Records3428Vouchers2002
Financial Records3429Vouchers2002
Financial Records3430Vouchers2002
Financial Records3431Vouchers2002
Financial Records3432Vouchers2002
Financial Records3433Vouchers2002
Financial Records3434Vouchers2002
Financial Records3435Vouchers2002
Financial Records3436Vouchers2002
Financial Records3437Vouchers2002
Financial Records3438Vouchers2002
Financial Records1311Vouchers, 1996-981993
Financial Records2221Vouchers, 1999-20001998
Financial Records2519Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2520Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2521Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2522Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2523Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2524Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2525Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2526Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2527Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2528Vouchers, 20001999
Financial Records2529Vouchers, 2000-20031999
Financial Records1312Year-end Records1993
General Files52Aberdeen1980
General Files1528Activities Impact1995
General Files4232Administrative Reports1983-2002
General Files392Aging; Myth and Reality1977
General Files411American Issues Forum1976
General Files412Annual Report1975-1978
General Files413Annual Report1978-1980
General Files415Application Form1979
General Files414Application Form South Dakota Committee on the Humanitiesundated
General Files416Application Forms1982
General Files394Archive Materials1971-1972
General Files395Archive Materials1971-1972
General Files393Archive Materials1971-1973
General Files424Assessment and Planning for Archives and Historical Records in South Dakota1983
General Files417Bicentennial1976
General Files31Bicentennial Directors Workshop, Aberdeen, South Dakota (7 negatives)1975
General Files1418Boorstin Fundraiser1994
General Files3912Brochure, Re-grant Program1975-1976
General Files398Brochures1973-1974
General Files399Brochures1974-1975
General Files418Brochures1977-1979
General Files4235Brochures1983-2001
General Files3910Brochures, Miscellaneous1974-1977
General Files3911Brochures, Miscellaneous1977-1980
General Files4110Brochures, Programs, Grants1981-1983
General Files4111Brochures, Programs, Grants1981-1984
General Files419Brochures, Programs, Grants1982-1984
General Files3913Censorship Library Program1974
General Files425Centennial Planning Project1983
General Files4234Chautauqua: Slide out Photos1993
General Files4113Committee Regulations (Outdated)1979
General Files336Conference for Humanists, Sioux Falls, South Dakota (17 negatives)1976
General Files41Council and Committee Members (9 negatives)1978
General Files245Council Members1974
General Files566Council members1982
General Files636Council members1984
General Files79Council members1985
General Files738Council Members1986
General Files81Council members1987
General Files835Council members1988
General Files91Council members1989
General Files935Council members1990
General Files1010Council members1991
General Files1111Council members1992
General Files1210Council members1993
General Files1419Council members1994
General Files1529Council members1995
General Files171Council members1996
General Files181Council members1997
General Files281Council members2000
General Files130Council Members (2 photographs)1972
General Files3923Council of Humanists1971
General Files337Council of Humanists, Yankton, South Dakota (1 negative)1976
General Files1530Council statistics1995
General Files365Director and office staff (20 negatives)1977
General Files4116Directory of Academic Humanists1977
General Files4117Directory of Academic Humanists1979
General Files3924Directory of Humanists1973
General Files3925Directory of Humanists1974
General Files3926Directory of Humanists1975
General Files4118Directory of Humanities Scholars1982
General Files4119Directory of Humanities Scholars1986
General Files3927Education and the Sioux Supplement1975
General Files3928Evaluation1975-1976
General Files836Exemplary Project Application, High School Teacher Institute1988
General Files218Federation Meeting, Washington, South Dakota (1 photograph)1998
General Files3929Federation Reports1978
General Files3930Federation Reports1978
General Files3931Federation Reports1977, 1979
General Files3932Film Guides and Resource1977
General Files338Former Summer Consultants Records1976
General Files366Former Summer Consultants Records1977
General Files42Former Summer Consultants Records1978
General Files437Former Summer Consultants Records1979
General Files637Former Summer Consultants Records1984
General Files3933Future of South Dakota Program1976
General Files339Future of South Dakota Program (1 film)1976
General Files4120Grant Brochure, Programs, Film1980-1982
General Files426Grant Program of the South Dakota Committee on the Humanities1984
General Files1011History of South Dakota Committee on the Humanities Founding by Jack W. Marken1991
General Files340Humanist in Residence (17 negatives)1976
General Files43Humanist in Residence (18 negatives)1978
General Files367Humanist in Residence (21 negatives)1977
General Files32Humanist in Residence (41 negatives)1975
General Files442Humanists in Residence Programs1975
General Files44Humanists Seminar (16 negatives)1978
General Files33Humanities Banquet (11 negatives)1975
General Files444Humanities Business Programs1974
General Files445Humanities Business Re-grant Project1974
General Files443Humanities Business, Harriet Montgomery1974
General Files3914Humanities Guide1984
General Files4121Humanities in Residence Brochure (Lund, Wagner)1977-1978
General Files428Humanities in the 80's, a Critical Approval1980
General Files34Humanities office personnel (14 negatives)1975
General Files92Interim Progress Report, 1988-901989
General Files4414Issue Identification Survey1973
General Files4415Jeffersonian Lecture1973
General Files182Kellog Foundation Request1997
General Files35Land Use Seminar at South Dakota State University (mini-grant) (10 negatives)1975
General Files397Last Year Printingundated
General Files4236Lewis and Clark Trail Festival1983
General Files4126Management Analysis, General1976-1977
General Files4127Management Analysis, General1978-1979
General Files4425Marken Records Correspondence Hoouer1974
General Files487Media Archive Book (1 of 3) Purple2017
General Files485Media Archive Book (1 of 3) Red2017
General Files486Media Archive Book (1 of 3) Yellow2017
General Files488Media Archive Book (2 of 3) Blue2017
General Files4810Media Archive Book (3 of 3) Clear2017
General Files489Media Archive Book (3 of 3) Green2017
General Files4728Media Coverage: Festival of Books, Miscellaneous/Stained Glass, What Makes a South Dakotan (3 of 3)2011-2012
General Files483Media Coverage: Festival of Books, Quick Grant Programs, Musim Journey's, Bookshelf, What Makes a South Dakotan?, Miscellaneous (2 of 2)2013
General Files4727Media Coverage: Grants and Scholarships Awarded, New Harmonies Museum, Speakers Bureau, One Book South Dakota (2 of 3)2011-2012
General Files4723Media Coverage: Grants and Sponsorships Awarded (1 of 2)2009-2010
General Files4726Media Coverage: Grants and Sponsorships Awarded, American Indian History and Culture, One Book South Dakota, Festival of Books, Annual Thematic Institute, Humanities and We the People (1 of 3)2011-2012
General Files482Media Coverage: Major/ Mini Grant Programs, One Book South Dakota (1 of 2)2012
General Files4724Media Coverage: One Book South Dakota Festival of Books, Other (2 of 2)2009-2010
General Files484Media Coverage: Speakers Bureau/ Reading Group Toolkits, Major/ Mini Grant Programs, Festival of Books, One Books South Dakota, Miscellaneous2014
General Files4128Meetings1978
General Files4130Meetings1980
General Files4129Meetings1979
General Files21Members (1 slide)1973
General Files4429Midwestern Center Bulletin1973-1975
General Files4432Minutes1973
General Files4433Minutes1974
General Files4434Minutes, Meeting Plans1975
General Files1211National Arts and Humanities Month1993
General Files1420National Arts and Humanities Month1994
General Files1531National Arts and Humanities Month1995
General Files172National Arts and Humanities Month1996
General Files1212National Book Award1993
General Files4435National Endowment1974
General Files4436National Endowment for the Humanities Eleventh Annual Report1977
General Files4439National Endowment for the Humanities News Release1975
General Files4440National Endowment for the Humanities Questionnaires1973
General Files4441National Meeting State Programs in the Humanities1977
General Files405New Directions Conferences1977-1978
General Files406New Directions General1977-1978
General Files4031New Releases1975
General Files4032New Releases1976
General Files4034New Releases Bound Vol. 31977-1979
General Files4021News Articles1981
General Files4816News Articles SD Humanities Council2006
General Files407News Articles, Magazine1975-1977
General Files4017News Clippings1980
General Files4018News Clippings1980
General Files4020News Clippings1980
General Files4023News Clippings1981
General Files4024News Clippings1981
General Files4028News Clippings1982
General Files4029News Clippings1982
General Files739News clippings1986
General Files82News clippings1987
General Files837News clippings1988
General Files93News clippings1989
General Files936News clippings1990
General Files1213News clippings1993
General Files436News Clippings1972-1975
General Files437News Clippings1974-1975
General Files408News Clippings1977-1979
General Files409News Clippings1978-1980
General Files4010News Clippings1978-1980
General Files4011News Clippings1978-1980
General Files4012News Clippings1978-1980
General Files4013News Clippings1978-1980
General Files4014News Clippings1978-1980
General Files4015News Clippings1978-1980
General Files4019News Clippings1980-1981
General Files4030News Clippings1980-1985
General Files4027News Clippings1981-1982
General Files4025News Clippings Chautauqua Aberdeen1981
General Files4026News Clippings Chautauqua Yankton/Madison1981
General Files4016News Clippings South Dakota Press Clipping Service1978
General Files183News releases1997
General Files219News Releases1998
General Files245News Releases1999
General Files282News releases2000
General Files433News Releases1971-1975
General Files4210News Releases1977-1979
General Files4211News Releases1980-1983
General Files4212News Releases1987-1988
General Files432News Releases South Dakota Committee on the Humanities Vol. 111972-1975
General Files431Newsletters Miscellaneous1971-1977
General Files439Newspaper Clippings1977
General Files434Newspaper Clippings1971, 1978
General Files435Newspaper Clippings1974-1977
General Files438Newspaper Clippings1975-1976
General Files4310Newspaper Clippings (Constitution Series Miscellaneous)1987
General Files4213Northwest Area Foundation1976-1977
General Files4214Oahe Audits1977
General Files4215Oahe Clippings1974-1976
General Files4217Oahe National Endowment for the Humanities File1976-1977
General Files4218Performance Reports Quarterly1978-1979
General Files4219Perspectives on South Dakota1975-1976
General Files4022Photo Negatives1981
General Files94Photographs (4) [No. 4033-M05]1989
General Files4324Pictures, Clippings, 2nd Year1974
General Files3416Press releases2002
General Files4714Press Releases Festival, One Book, Speaker's Bureau, Big Read, Between Fences, Chautauqua Center for the Book, Grants, Picturing America, We the People, Video, Miscellaneous2008
General Files341Program Associate (3 negatives)1976
General Files342Program Evaluation (7 negatives)1976
General Files4312Program Requests1974-1975
General Files4315Project Director's Checklistundated
General Files4220Proposal to National Endowment for the Humanities1974-1975
General Files4221Proposal to National Endowment for the Humanities1975-1977
General Files4311Prospective on South Dakota, Conference Addresses1975-1976
General Files4223Public Service Announcement (Film)1976
General Files283Regional Humanities Center Proposal, University of Nebraska, Lincoln2000
General Files3110Regional Humanities Center, Lincoln, Nebraska2001
General Files4317Regionalism and Culture Tri-State Humanities Conference1977
General Files427Regionalism and Culture: Great Plains Rocky Mountain West1978
General Files4318Re-grant Proposals: Criteria for Judging1973
General Files4224Resource Center Catalog1986
General Files4321Resource Guides: Speaker Programs1977-1986
General Files184Schwartz Prize1997
General Files2110Schwartz Prize1998
General Files368Seminar for Humanists, Rapid City, South Dakota (47 negatives)1977
General Files4322Seminar for Humanities1976
General Files36Seminary for Humanists (25 negatives)1975
General Files530Slide show (99 slides)1981
General Files369Slides (205 slides)1977
General Files438Slides (68 slides)1979
General Files51Slides (92 slides)1980
General Files422South Dakota Committee on Humanities Management Analysis1978
General Files185South Dakota Community Foundation1997
General Files1421South Dakota Humanities Council at a Glance: Statewide Impact, Based on Funded in Calendar Year 19941994
General Files423South Dakota Humanities Council Resource Center Catalog1988
General Files4815South Dakota Humanities Council to date2013-2016
General Files45South Dakota Medical Meeting (8 negatives)1978
General Files4328Speeches1973-1974
General Files4326Speeches, Papers1972-1973
General Files4327Speeches, Papers1972-1973
General Files4230Staff-O-Gram1975-1993
General Files4231Staff-O-Gram1983-2002
General Files4329State-Based Bulletin1974-1975
General Files4330Summary of Programs and Regulated Appropriations1976
General Files4225Supplement1975-1976
General Files4331Tombstone Epitaph1983
General Files4226Town Meetings1976
General Files370U.N. Day, Brookings, South Dakota (24 negatives)1977
General Files37Yankton College Programs: Book Censorship (6 negatives)1975
Grant #1144All Print-Outs and Monthly Reports to National Endowment for the Humanities, 1972-731972
Grant #1145Augustus, First Grant Year, 1972-731972
Grant #1146Proposal Flow Charts, 1972-731972
Grant #1147Proposal to National Endowment for the Humanities, 1972-731972
Grant Letters2222Certified Gifts: National Endowment for the Humanities1998
Grant Letters1315Collected Gifts (unused) Fiscal Year 19 951993
Grant Letters2530Gifts1999
Grant Letters1316Grants adjusted and in-kind Fiscal Year 1995, 1994 November 1-1995 October 311993
Grant Letters1317Letters 21398 709093, 1994-951993
Grant Letters2531Letters, 1998-991999
Grant Letters2223National Endowment for the Humanities, 1997-981998
Grant Letters2532Volunteer Services In-Kind1999
Grants and Other Projects461Barn Again! At the South Dakota State Fair [28 color photos] part 12001
Grants and Other Projects462Barn Again! At the South Dakota State Fair [28 color photos] part 22001
Grants and Other Projects4722Between Fences [63 color photos]2009
Grants and Other Projects4715Between Fences Close Out Report2008
Grants and Other Projects4814Dakota Territory Living History Museum: Business Plan, Melvin L Thorne Introduction, Endorsement, Days of Our Lives in Dakota Territory, 18th Century Americaundated
Grants and Other Projects4813Farm and Ranch Stories John E. Millerundated
Grants and Other Projects4720Farm and Ranch Stories part 12009
Grants and Other Projects4721Farm and Ranch Stories part 2 John E. Miller2009
Grants and Other Projects473Key Ingredients2006
Grants and Other Projects481New Harmonies [71 color photos]2012
Grants and Other Projects474News Clippings2007
Grants and Other Projects4617Prime Time Family Reading2005
Grants and Other Projects465Produce for Victory [70 color photos]2003
Grants and Other Projects4618Promotional Books2005
Grants and Other Projects4716South Dakota Literary Trees: Western Literature Association Dr. Barbara Johnson2009
Grants and Other Projects4811South Dakota: Journey Through Time Tutor Tips Sarah D. Hillner2017
Market News463Grain Market News1979
Market News126Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1971
Market News127Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1971
Market News128Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1971
Market News129Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1971
Market News169Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1972
Market News170Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1972
Market News171Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1972
Market News172Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1972
Market News212Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1973
Market News213Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1973
Market News214Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1973
Market News215Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1973
Market News255Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1974
Market News256Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1974
Market News257Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1974
Market News258Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1974
Market News323Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1975
Market News324Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1975
Market News325Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1975
Market News326Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1975
Market News356Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1976
Market News357Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1976
Market News358Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1976
Market News391Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1977
Market News392Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1977
Market News429Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1978
Market News430Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1978
Market News464Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1979
Market News465Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1979
Market News527Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1980
Market News528Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1980
Market News554Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1981
Market News555Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1981
Market News61Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1982
Market News62Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1982
Market News63Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1982
Market News64Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1982
Market News628Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1983
Market News629Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1983
Market News630Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1983
Market News631Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1983
Market News660Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1984
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Market News662Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1984
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Market News729Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1985
Market News730Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1985
Market News731Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1985
Market News758Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1986
Market News759Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1986
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Market News761Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1986
Market News824Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1987
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Market News826Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1987
Market News827Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1987
Market News858Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1988
Market News859Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1988
Market News860Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1988
Market News861Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1988
Market News921Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1989
Market News922Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1989
Market News923Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1989
Market News924Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1989
Market News953Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1990
Market News954Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1990
Market News955Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1990
Market News956Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1990
Market News1023Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1991
Market News1024Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1991
Market News1025Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1991
Market News1026Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1991
Market News1130Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1992
Market News1131Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1992
Market News1132Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1992
Market News1133Livestock, Meat, Wool Weekly Summary and Statistics1992
Meetings351Association of South Dakota Museums Meeting2002
Meetings327Committee and Council Meetings, Dakota Wesleyan University (9 negatives)1975
Meetings393Committee and Council Sessions (4 negatives)1977
Meetings4112Committee on the Humanities, South Dakotaundated
Meetings328Council Meeting (15 negatives)1975
Meetings2225Council Meeting, Aberdeen, South Dakota1998
Meetings2534Council Meeting, Chamberlain, South Dakota1999
Meetings354Council Meeting, Deadwood, South Dakota2002
Meetings3231Council Meeting, Hot Springs, South Dakota2001
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Meetings2921Council Meeting, Sturgis, South Dakota2000
Meetings2536Distinguished Award Committee, Chamberlain, South Dakota1999
Meetings3232Distinguished Awards Meeting2001
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Meetings395Mental Health Meetings (5 negatives)1977
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Meetings4431Minutes South Dakota Committee1971-1978
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Meetings3235Search Committee2001
Meetings4325South Dakota Committee on Humanities Minutes1971-1977
Miscellaneous Films11Albert Einstein: The Education of a Genius (3 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films12Black Hills-Unclear Future (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films13Dakota Encounters (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films14Duxbury Town Meeting (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films15Earth Cries Out (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films16Golden Honeymoon (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films17Great Plains Experience (6 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films18Home Land (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films19In the Interests of Time (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films110Jilting of Granny Weatherall (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films111Joy That Kills (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films112Lakota Quillwork (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films113Legacies of the Depression on the Great Plains (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films114Letters from America: The Life and Times of O.E. Rolvaag (3 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films115Portraits of Aging (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films116Prairie Politicians (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films117Public Higher Education for South Dakota (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films118Soldier's Home (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films119South Dakota: A Meeting of Cultures (1 film)undated
Miscellaneous Films120There Is A Word (2 films)undated
Miscellaneous Films121Work, Work, Work (1 film)undated
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National Endowment for the Humanities1319Grant Program of the South Dakota Humanities Council, 1992 November 1-1995 October 311993
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National Endowment for the Humanities234West Words1998
Projects and Research632American Grizzly, Frederick Manfred (2 films)1983
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Projects and Research634Centennial Planning Project of the South Dakota Committee on the Humanities1983
Projects and Research431Chautauqua 1978 (13 slides)1978
Projects and Research556Chautauqua 1981 (91 slides, 6 audio reels)1981
Projects and Research862Chautauqua: American Visions (6 photographs)1988
Projects and Research957Chautauqua: American Visions (7 photographs)1990
Projects and Research71Chautauqua: Jefferson's Dream and the Plains Experience (5 photographs)1984
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Projects and Research361Science, Technology, and Human Values (8 audio reels)1976
Projects and Research259Seminar for Humanists, Brookings, South Dakota (5 negatives)1974
Projects and Research4323Seminar Narratives Janette Kinyon Misc. Subjects1974-1977
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Projects and Research69Women Teachers on South Dakota Reservations, Smith, J.1982
Proposals156Acculturation of the Contemporary American Indian (23 negatives)1972
Proposals241Achieving Excellence in Higher Education in South Dakota (5 negatives), 1973-741973
Proposals273African American Pioneers in the Black Hills (research)1999
Proposals3025African-American Music in the 20th Century: A Great Plains Perspective with Preston Lore (discussion)2000
Proposals304Amazing Story of Maize (media)2000
Proposals2311America's Lost Landscape: Tall Grass Prairie (media)1998
Proposals2310American Ace: The Joe Foss Story1998
Proposals155American Dilemma; Indian Self Determination1972
Proposals163American Pluralism (seminar) (Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz research)1995
Proposals1452American Pluralism in a Global Society (1995 Seminar)1994
Proposals1453American Pluralism in a Global Society (1995 Seminar)1994
Proposals1936Annual Oscar Micheaux Festival1997
Proposals3317Anonymous No More (media)2001
Proposals1051Archaeological Weekend: Community Dialogue Program1991
Proposals3320Art Meets Politics: Frank Lloyd Wright; Peter Norbeck, and the Sylvan Lake Hotel Commission (research)2001
Proposals338Art of Sepik River (discussion)2001
Proposals3723Author's Series (major discussion)2003
Proposals165Awareness: Communication, Affluence, and Poverty (14 negatives)1972
Proposals2623Barn Again1999
Proposals309Barn Again2000
Proposals3311Barn Again 2001 (exhibit)2001
Proposals2322Barn Again Exhibit1998
Proposals3328Battleship South Dakota: Oral History Project2001
Proposals3316Black Hills Goes to War: Life on the Homefront, WWII (media)2001
Proposals1053Black Hills Institute1991
Proposals336Black Hills Writers Group 2001 (small discussion)2001
Proposals3332Black Hills Writers Group Conference2001
Proposals2318Black Leather Satchel1998
Proposals2012Black Leather Satchel1997
Proposals3532Bohemian Women from West River (mini discussion)2002
Proposals279Bringing New Life to Old Stories (moved to Speakers Bureau)1999
Proposals266Broken Hoop (Session at Blue Cloud Abbey) (25 negatives)1974
Proposals1928Building South Dakota (book)1997
Proposals3715Captain McSpadden in Clark, South Dakota (research)2003
Proposals1455Celebrating Women's History Month with Calamity Jane and Amelia Earhart1994
Proposals164Celebrating Women's History Month with Calamity Jane and Amelia Earhart1995
Proposals3614Center for the Book (Council conducted)2002
Proposals3729Center for the Book Activities2003
Proposals1545Chautauqua (2 photographs)1995
Proposals2319Chautauqua 19981998
Proposals2622Chautauqua 19991999
Proposals308Chautauqua 20002000
Proposals339Chautauqua 20012001
Proposals3528Chautauqua 20022002
Proposals386Chautauqua 20062006
Proposals1930Chautauqua: Sioux Falls1997
Proposals1036Chautauqua: The American Renaissance Chautauqua (8 photographs)1991
Proposals2321Chinese in the Black Hills (research)1998
Proposals3010Choices for the 21st Century2000
Proposals266Choices for the 21st Century: Public Policy Discussions in Your Local Library1999
Proposals1056Choices Later in Life: Longevity and Freedom1991
Proposals228Citizens States: A Seminar on Educational and Policy Issues, 1973-741973
Proposals223Classical Lecture Series, 1973-741973
Proposals3529Cloth is the Center of the World2002
Proposals161Collection and Preservation of Lakota Oral Narrative Texts1972
Proposals233Collective Bargaining in South Dakota, 1973-741973
Proposals1033Columbian Legacy: A Meeting of Cultures (teacher institute) (3 photographs)1991
Proposals1447Coming Home to the Heartland of Oz1994
Proposals1546Coming Home to the Heartland of Oz1995
Proposals3327Commitment to Freedom2001
Proposals377Conference on American Indian History and Culture (mini discussion)2003
Proposals1046Conference on Children's and Adolescent Literature1991
Proposals232Conference on Dissemination of South Dakota History, 1973-741973
Proposals234Conference on Intellectual Freedom, 1973-741973
Proposals1032Constitution and the Bill of Rights (institute)1991
Proposals166Constitutional Revision (36 negatives, 2 slides)1972
Proposals1339Contemporary Prairie Writers (research)1993
Proposals160Contributions of Contemporary Indian Society and Future Expectations1972
Proposals2711Corn Palace Reading Council (Jean Patrick, author) (discussion) (2 photographs)1999
Proposals3718Corps of Discovery Days (small discussion)2003
Proposals302Country Spires (media) (10 photographs)2000
Proposals2714Cowboy Poetry Today, Conversation with Dr. David Stanley (discussion)1999
Proposals2934Cowboys: Myth and Reality (discussion)2000
Proposals335Cross and the Drum, Marty, South Dakota (60 photographs)1975
Proposals2931Cry of the Land (discussion)2000
Proposals1735Cultural Diversity (teachers' institute)1996
Proposals1048Culture Reflected, Culture Revised: The Mutually-Influencing Relationship Between Hispanic American Society and Hispanic American Literature1991
Proposals1067D.F. Berry Photo Collection1991
Proposals2612Dacotah Prairie Museum: An Introduction (video) (media) (no video found)1999
Proposals1441Dakota Conference on Earlier British Literature, 3rd1994
Proposals1055Dakota Conference on Early British Literature, 19921991
Proposals1348Dakota Conference on Early British Literature, 2nd1993
Proposals2616Dakota Conference on History, Literature, Art and Archaeology, 31st Annual (discussion)1999
Proposals235Dakota Conference on History, Literature, Art, and Archaeology, 30th Annual (discussion) (1 photograph)1998
Proposals3633Dakota Conference on History, Literature, Art, and Archaeology, 35th Annual (major discussion)2003
Proposals2932Dakota Conference, 32nd Annual (discussion)2000
Proposals337Dakota Conference, 33rd Annual (discussion)2001
Proposals3518Dakota Conference,34th Annual (discussion)2002
Proposals1035Dakota History Conference, 24th Annual1991
Proposals1325Dakota History Conference, 26th Annual1993
Proposals1444Dakota History Conference, 27th Annual1994
Proposals1543Dakota History Conference, 27th Annual1995
Proposals1728Dakota History Conference, 28th Annual1996
Proposals1060Dakota History Lakota Culture Black Hills1991
Proposals2715Dakota Visions II (2 photographs)1999
Proposals2618Dakota Way of Living and Surviving (discussion)1999
Proposals2315Dakota Way of Living and Surviving (research)1998
Proposals1925Dakota Yesterday: 1861-1990 (media)1997
Proposals335Dancing the Tightrope (small discussion)2001
Proposals365Daughters of Dakota and Sisters in Spirit (discussion)]2002
Proposals564Day County History Project (29 slides, 1 audio cassette)1981
Proposals3022Democratic Thought and Ideals of Walt Whitman (research)2000
Proposals1342Depopulation of Rural South Dakota (research)1993
Proposals225Dialogue in Higher Education (7 negatives), 1973-741973
Proposals168Dialogue on Higher Education (26 negatives)1972
Proposals150Dialogue on Indian Civil Rights Acts of 19681972
Proposals332Discussions with Jesse Lerner (discussion)2001
Proposals3725Documentation and Presentation of Materials Relating to P.W.A./W.P.A. Era Facilities (major research)2003
Proposals3023Documenting South Dakota: The Life and Work of Photographer O.S. Leland (research)2000
Proposals368Does Rural Matter? Civic Engagement and Size of Place (mini research)2002
Proposals3611Dona Brown: A Look and Interpretation of a South Dakota Woman's Vision for Cultural Preservation, Heritage Appreciation, and Contributions to Collecting (small research)2002
Proposals371Donna Hueschen Genealogy Collection (media)2003
Proposals3610Donna Hueschen Project (mini research)2002
Proposals1540Driftwood in a Time of War (printing and publishing)1995
Proposals3334Early 1800 Missouri River Adventures (discussion)2001
Proposals2936Early 1800 Missouri River Adventures (teacher institute)2000
Proposals332Economic Growth and the Quality of Life in the Northern Plains (5 negatives), 1975-761975
Proposals221Education and the Elderly in South Dakota, 1973-741973
Proposals236Education for Peace and Justice: Focus on Man and His Survival, 1973-741973
Proposals1337Education Program in Archaeology, 19941993
Proposals219Education, The Indian, and Contemporary Society (12 negatives), 1973-71973
Proposals231Education, The Key to Indian Self-Awareness, 1973-741973
Proposals226Educational Issues in a Rural/Urban Society, 1973-741973
Proposals2627Elder's Histories in a Community Context (research)1999
Proposals271Election in South Dakota, 1936: Failure to Realign (research)1999
Proposals203Enemy Swim Still Living It1997
Proposals2331Enemy Swim Still Living It II1998
Proposals1347Enhancing Cultural Preservation Through Tribal Code Development1993
Proposals3017Environment in South Dakota (research)2000
Proposals1544Ethnic Diversity and Heritage in South Dakota (teachers' institute)1995
Proposals1332Evening with Clara Barton1993
Proposals3522Explore Our Culture Through Language: Indigenous Language Essay Program (media)2002
Proposals3717Exploring Egypt Curriculum2003
Proposals1734Exploring Literature as a Site for the Sacred (teachers' institute)1996
Proposals3526Exploring the Human Adventure (media)2002
Proposals1346Exploring the Human Adventure: Celebrating the Scholar and Librarian1993
Proposals2320Faiths and Believers1998
Proposals237Fall-Think In: Robert Theobald, 1973-74,1973
Proposals1321Family Tree Is Thinking Through Difference (teacher institute)1993
Proposals1729Fifteen Years of Prairie Filmmaking1996
Proposals3012Fifth Annual Oscar Micheaux Film Festival (discussion)2000
Proposals2014Fighting Isolation in a Totalitarian System1997
Proposals3635Finding Lewis and Clark: Old Trails, New Directions (scholar seminar)2003
Proposals205Finding the Right Words1997
Proposals1446First Ladies of South Dakota Inaugural Gown Exhibit1994
Proposals375Food for Thought (Council conducted)2003
Proposals2327From Cold War to Gulf War: South Dakota National Guard (research)1998
Proposals373From Sea to Shining Sea Chautauqua (Council conducted)2003
Proposals207Frontier in American Culture1997
Proposals3519Gaining Perspectives (teacher institute)2002
Proposals1542GATE Conference (Gerontology Association for Training and Education)1995
Proposals1443GATE Conference: Aging Where We Live, Work, and Play (Gerontology Association for Training and Education)1994
Proposals2619Gathering of Lakota Ancient Skills (discussion)1999
Proposals766German Americans: German Immigration and Contributions to the United States (112 slides)1986
Proposals1069Gift of Poetry1991
Proposals3314Gift of Takoma (media2001
Proposals1440Glastnost in Cartoons1994
Proposals1028Glimpse of Our Pioneer Heritage Through Prairie Music, Lore, and Historical Characters1991
Proposals1042Golden Bowl: Golden Anniversary Edition1991
Proposals1062Great Books Training1991
Proposals206Great Plains Writer's Conference1997
Proposals2334Great Plains Writers Conference (2 photographs)1998
Proposals1335Great Plains Writers' Conference1993
Proposals363Guthrie Theatre Performance Discussions (min discussion)2002
Proposals1539Handprints (video documentary)1995
Proposals3722Hands on Literacy2003
Proposals1935Hartford Beach Prehistoric Village Public Program1997
Proposals3517Heart of War (small discussion)2002
Proposals378Historical Analysis and Education of the Southern Black Hills through Maps and Aerial Photography (mini media)2003
Proposals2613Historical Documents, Hospital Workers (media)1999
Proposals2635History of Northern State University, 1901-2001 (research)1999
Proposals3019History of Volunteer Fire Fighting in Moody County2000
Proposals303History of Yankton College (media)2000
Proposals1045Home to the Heartland1991
Proposals1330Home to the Heartland: Three Regional Writers1993
Proposals3523Homestake: Where the Past Meets the Future (media)2002
Proposals2615Homestead (documentary film) (media) (no film found)1999
Proposals1927Homestead (film) (no film found)1997
Proposals3634Honor the Elders-American Indian Heritage Month (major discussion)2003
Proposals269Honour Moore, Mourning Pictures (discussion)1999
Proposals2314How to Save Your Own Life with Reading and Writing1998
Proposals2325Hubert Humphrey's America1998
Proposals262Human Values in the Use of Natural Resources in Northeastern South Dakota, Presentation College (4 negatives)1974
Proposals238Humanities and Health: An Examination of Health Care Problems in a Rural State, 1973-741973
Proposals243Humanities Education for a Changing Rural Society (5 negatives), 1973-741973
Proposals1929Humanities in the 21st Century (seminar)1997
Proposals362Huron College Rural Life Forum (6 negatives)1976
Proposals3024Ida Froelich Program (withdrawn)2000
Proposals149Idea of Political Culture and Its Utility in Understanding South Dakota's Past and in Interpreting its Prospects (discussion)1972
Proposals275If These Walls Could Talk (research)1999
Proposals3631Images of Belief: A Conversation about Historical Impact and Cultural Effects of European Religions on American Indian People (small discussion)2003
Proposals242Impact of Oahe Project on School Districts of the Project Area (8 negatives), 1973-741973
Proposals3329In Search of Micheaux and African American Homesteading (research)2001
Proposals333Increasing Cultural Understandings (small discussion)2001
Proposals363Indian Jurisdiction (No. 118) (7 negatives)1976
Proposals261Indian Viewpoint in Regard to Human Values in Education and the Use of Natural Resources, NSC Indian Awareness Program (14 negatives)1974
Proposals1047Indian, White Relations: An Examination1991
Proposals163Indians and Pioneers (2 slides)1972
Proposals372Indigenous Place-Based Knowledge of the Missouri River and Its Tributaries (teacher institute)2003
Proposals236Inter-Connectedness of Indigenous Culture Through Dance (discussion)1998
Proposals331Interpreting Lewis and Clark in the Classroom2001
Proposals2935Interpreting Lewis and Clark in the Classroom (teacher institute)2000
Proposals227Issues Facing the Rural South Dakota Schools1973
Proposals306It's About Time! The African American Experience in the Black Hills (media)2000
Proposals2933Jobs and Alcohol. What are the Choices? (discussion)2000
Proposals1926Journey Narrative for Listening Guides (media)1997
Proposals3536Journey of Discovery to Recovery (major research)2002
Proposals334Jurisdiction participants (1 photograph)1975
Proposals2013Keepers of Wisdom Storytelling Day1997
Proposals3710Key Ingredients (Council conducted)2003
Proposals3616Kids Quest: Lewis and Clark Adventures (media)2002
Proposals1061L Jesse Moran (media)1991
Proposals1340L. Frank Baum and Matilda J. Gage (research)1993
Proposals2632L. Frank Baum Heritage Program (discussion)1999
Proposals3014L. Frank Baum Heritage Program (discussion)2000
Proposals202L. Frank Baum; Oz Public Lecture Series; Chautauqua (16 negatives, 14 photographs)1997
Proposals367Ladies, Please (mini research)2002
Proposals3333Ladies, Please! (research)2001
Proposals1326Lake County History Book1993
Proposals1537Lake County History Book (research)1995
Proposals1731Lakota Culture: An Interactive Multimedia Presentation (media)1996
Proposals1328Lakota Language Project1993
Proposals1538Lakota Language Project (media)1995
Proposals154Lakota Omniciye's Native Awareness Week1972
Proposals1044Lakota Vision Young Warriors (documentary1991
Proposals264Land, Searching for an Environmental Ethic, Dakota State College (7 negatives)1974
Proposals765Lead Opera House (73 slides, 1 audio cassette)1986
Proposals1730Legacy of Poet Laureate Badger Clark (media)1996
Proposals229Let's Talk About It, 1973-741973
Proposals3330Life History of Lakota Elder: Calvin Jumping Bull2001
Proposals2610Life of the Great Plains? Interdisciplinary Seminar1999
Proposals3021Life on the Rez (research)2000
Proposals201Literary Map of South Dakota1997
Proposals238Literary Map of South Dakota (media)1998
Proposals1064Living Roots of Music1991
Proposals1331Living Roots of Music1993
Proposals1344Living Roots of Music1993
Proposals1068Living Roots of Music1991
Proposals167Lost Bird of Wounded Knee1995
Proposals1334Malcolm X Speaks1993
Proposals1322Many Winters (film) (no film found)1993
Proposals165Marshall County Historical Society1995
Proposals2630Maya Angelou Speaks to South Dakotans (discussion)1999
Proposals2626Meaning of Doctoring (discussion)1999
Proposals1043Medicine Rock Story (research) [9192-7030]1991
Proposals1921Methods of Teaching Dakota History (teachers' institute)1997
Proposals2628Mt. Rushmore Presidential Wayside Exhibit1999
Proposals1034Multicultural Literature (institute)1991
Proposals379Mystical Arts of Tibet (mini discussion)2003
Proposals3011Native American Authors Forum (discussion)2000
Proposals2710Native American Curriculum Project (discussion)1999
Proposals1054New Directions Conference1991
Proposals1040Nobel Peace Prize Forum, 4th Annual1991
Proposals2624Non-violence or Non-existence: Gandi Lecture1999
Proposals1345Northern Plains Tribal Arts Lectures1993
Proposals2335Northern State University Teachers' Institute (4 photographs)1998
Proposals3018Norwegian Connection: Educational Migration (research)2000
Proposals333Oahe at the State Fair (11 negatives)1975
Proposals3612On the Missouri with the Corps of Discovery (small discussion)2002
Proposals1058On the Plains and Prairies1991
Proposals153On the Way to Self Determination1972
Proposals2329One-Room Schoolhouse: A Reader's Theater and Book1998
Proposals220Open Forum: Immediate Future of the Humanities in Higher Education and Professionalism in Higher Education, 1973-741973
Proposals2326Oral Histories of Standing Rock Cheyenne River Indians (research)1998
Proposals2312Oral Histories Through Storytelling1998
Proposals167Original American: The Indian Assimilate or Not (4 negatives)1972
Proposals1343Origins of a Breed Culture on South Dakota Reservations (research)1993
Proposals565Oscar Howe Retrospective (139 slides, 1 audio cassette)1981
Proposals3720Oscar Micheaux Festival (major discussion)2003
Proposals2332Oscar Micheaux Film Festival, 3rd1998
Proposals2634Oscar Micheaux Film Festival, 4th Annual (discussion)1999
Proposals3323Oscar Micheaux Film Festival, 6th Annual (discussion)2001
Proposals3534Oscar Micheaux Film Festival, 7th Annual (major discussion)2002
Proposals3521Outside-In (media)2002
Proposals3322Oz Festival, The Dakota Heritage2001
Proposals3312Paleo-Indian Culture (Fall 2001 seminar)2001
Proposals768Papers of John and Alice Pickler 21986
Proposals158Past and Present of the American Indian (3 photographs)1972
Proposals274Patterns of Social Culture: Dakota (research)1999
Proposals3719Peace Circle2003
Proposals1931Peace Prize Forum, Striving for Peace1997
Proposals240Person as Valuable (8 slides), 1973-741973
Proposals265Perspectives on Living Close to the Land (Session on 1975 February 10 with Jean Walz as speaker) (7 negatives)1974
Proposals361Photographing South Dakota Through the Lens of O.S. Leeland (major research)2002
Proposals3331Photographing the Western Frontier: Loveland2001
Proposals2614Photography Exhibition: Spencer, South Dakota (media)1999
Proposals3721PHOTOKIDS Pine Ridge2003
Proposals334Place and Community: Strengthening Our Local South Dakota Community (small discussion)2001
Proposals267Plains Conference on Early British Literature (discussion)1999
Proposals162Playwrights and Issues1995
Proposals1451Playwrights and Issues (Painting Churches and Victor and the Virgin)1994
Proposals3713Poetry Contest for High School and Middle School Students (mini discussion)2003
Proposals1049Population Control and Forced Abortion in China1991
Proposals1065Portraits from Tallgrass Country1991
Proposals2316Post World War II History of South Dakota (research)1998
Proposals208Post-World War II History of South Dakota (research)1997
Proposals166Power of the Word1995
Proposals3615Prairie Voices2002
Proposals376Prairie Voices2003
Proposals1333Prairie Winds Writers Conference1993
Proposals366Presenting Effective Tours: Training for Museum Docents (mini discussion)2002
Proposals1439Printing and Publishing of Driftwood in a Time of War1994
Proposals1329Private Papers of Senator R. F. Pettigrew1993
Proposals1336Private Papers of Senator R. F. Pettigrew1993
Proposals1442Private Papers of Senator R. F. Pettigrew1994
Proposals374Produce for Victory (Council conducted, Smithsonian Exhibit)2003
Proposals1027Proposal list1991
Proposals1320Proposal list1993
Proposals1438Proposal list1994
Proposals1727Proposal list1996
Proposals148Proposal List, 1972-731972
Proposals217Proposal List, 1973-741973
Proposals4222Proposal to National Endowment for the Humanities1980
Proposals4316Proposals, Applications1975
Proposals2611Proud Heritage, Proudly Presented (video) (Media) (no video found)1999
Proposals278Publishing Whirlwind Soldier Book of Poems (media)1999
Proposals3524Quillwork and Beadwork of South Dakota Sioux Indians (media)2002
Proposals1324Quilts: A Life's Work (1 film)1993
Proposals1536Quilts: A Life's Work (film)1995
Proposals2625Racism / Cultural Awareness Workshop1999
Proposals364Ransom for Gaea (16 negatives, 1 film)1976
Proposals3714Readiatrics (mini discussion)2003
Proposals1029Reading Series, 1992: The Quincentenary of Columbus1991
Proposals3636Reality and Romance: The Women of the Black Hills (media)2003
Proposals1030Reconciliation in a Multi-Cultural Society (institute)1991
Proposals767Regional and National Tensions in American Cultural Expression1986
Proposals4319Re-grant Proposal Guidelines Early Form 1972-731972-1973
Proposals4320Re-grant Proposals1972
Proposals1063Research on Catherine Weldon and Major James McLoughlin1991
Proposals3531Rivers of Memory, Rivers of Lore (mini discussion)2002
Proposals1050Road to Reconciliation: Cross Cultural Dialogue on Racism1991
Proposals1059Robert Penn Retrospective Catalogue1991
Proposals3711Rolvaag, Giants in the Earth, Prairie Chock (mini discussion)2003
Proposals152Rosebud Medical Report Project (film project)1972
Proposals230Rural Life Forum (11 negatives), 1973-741973
Proposals1937Sable Pioneers: African American Experience in Dakota1997
Proposals1547Sacred Space: Fonts of Life1995
Proposals1448Sacred Space: The Marketing of Place, Events and Ritual; Fonts of Life: Containers for Baptism1994
Proposals369Scandinavian Folklore and Emigration Stories (mini discussion)2002
Proposals3515Shakespeare in Performance (discussion)2002
Proposals1445Shakespeare: Performance and Interpretation (institute)1994
Proposals3525Sharing the Human Experience of Vietnam (media)2002
Proposals1933Silver Anniversary Anthology (book)1997
Proposals1932Silver Anniversary Anthology Editor 11997
Proposals1934Silver Anniversary Anthology Editor 21997
Proposals2713Six Hundred Years of Chaucer (discussion)1999
Proposals2712Skeletons of the Prairie: Abandoned Artifacts, Codington County, South Dakota (exhibit) (2 photographs)1999
Proposals1057Skyscrapers of the Prairie1991
Proposals305Snapshot in Time: Photography as Historic Preservation (media)2000
Proposals1338Source of the Novel: An Author's Perspective1993
Proposals3724South Dakota Book Festival (major discussion)2003
Proposals1041South Dakota Committee on the Humanities 20th Anniversary Tabloid1991
Proposals1732South Dakota Cultural Diversity: Multi-media Project1996
Proposals3712South Dakota Festival of Books, Deadwood2003
Proposals2617South Dakota History Day1999
Proposals3325South Dakota History Day2001
Proposals3013South Dakota History Day (discussion)2000
Proposals3535South Dakota History Day (major discussion)2002
Proposals3727South Dakota History Day (mini discussion)2003
Proposals2621South Dakota History for Beginning Readers1999
Proposals2324South Dakota History for Beginning Readers (media)1998
Proposals3318South Dakota Humanities Council Project II (media)2001
Proposals2011South Dakota Issues Forum1997
Proposals2629South Dakota Literary Map Web Site Update1999
Proposals307South Dakota Media Project (media)2000
Proposals3015South Dakota Rainbow Project (discussion)2000
Proposals235Spearfish Community Celebrating America 1973-19741973
Proposals3315Sphere of Lewis and Clark (media)2001
Proposals3516Spirit of Lewis and Clark, Culture, History, and Human Adventure (small discussion)2002
Proposals364Staking a Claim: The People, Places, and Stories of Mining in the Black Hills (mini discussion)2002
Proposals218Status of Women (5 slides), 1973-741973
Proposals3313Stories of Out Journeys (Fall 2001 seminar)2001
Proposals3514Stories, the Science, and the Spirit (teacher institute)2002
Proposals1031Storytelling and the Oral Tradition in Today's Classroom (institute)1991
Proposals1066Storytelling and Tribal Ways of Knowing1991
Proposals2323Storytelling Festival, 1st Annual1998
Proposals2620Storytelling, Storykeeping Retreat1999
Proposals2010Storytelling, Storykeeping Retreat1997
Proposals2317Storytelling, Storykeeping Retreat1998
Proposals3716Strategies for Working with Youth at Risk2003
Proposals3530Striving for Peace: Who is Responsible. 14th Annual Peace Prize Forum (mini discussion)2002
Proposals1454Survey of Cowboy Poetry? Culture in South Dakota from Past to Present1994
Proposals239Symposium on Education for New World Realities (18 negatives), 1973-741973
Proposals222Symposium on Indian Educational Needs and Film Production, 1973-741973
Proposals1349Tacoma Park Exhibit1993
Proposals263Teaching About Religion in the Public Schools, Huron, South Dakota (5 negatives) [7475-504]1974
Proposals3324Teaching the Mind and the Heart2001
Proposals3310Text, Discourse, Grammar: A Summer Institute for Lakota Language Teachers (teachers institute)2001
Proposals164That Our People May Live (4 slides)1972
Proposals1037They Walk Through Prairie Seasons Together1991
Proposals1449This Earth We Own1994
Proposals1450This Earth We Own1994
Proposals161This Earth We Own1995
Proposals1327Thomas Jefferson, Renaissance in the 21st Century1993
Proposals1351Three Self-Guided Cultural Tours1993
Proposals362Timber Lake Literary Discussion (mini discussion)2002
Proposals1920Tradition and Technology (teachers' institute)1997
Proposals2631Traditional Cultural Values of Indigenous Elders (discussion)1999
Proposals3726Traveling Exhibits (small research)2003
Proposals209Tribal Arts 19971997
Proposals2328Tribal Arts 19981998
Proposals2633Tribal Arts 1999 Community Education, Lectures (discussion)1999
Proposals3016Tribal Arts 2000 (discussion)2000
Proposals3326Tribal Arts 2001 Community Forum2001
Proposals1923Tricksters: Post Production (media)1997
Proposals3020Turning East: Post Humanism and the 20th Century English Novel (research)2000
Proposals272Twentieth Century Benedictines, Father Stan and Sister Ann (research)1999
Proposals151Two Day Conference on Indian Youths Ages 12-18 (9 photographs, 10 negatives, 15 slides)1972
Proposals276Unbroken Chain: Deadwood's Jewish Legacy (discussion)1999
Proposals1352Unbroken Sod1993
Proposals224Value Impacts in Education, 1973-741973
Proposals244Vanishing Trails (16 slides)1973
Proposals2330Vaudeville in the Black Hills1998
Proposals3321Videotapes Interview with Eugene Gass Painter (media)2001
Proposals2930Vietnam War, 25th Anniversary: A Season of Remembrance (educator mailing)2000
Proposals204Visit to France (2 photographs)1997
Proposals1039Vitality of the Village Community1991
Proposals1038Voices Through the Century1991
Proposals4332Voices, Values, and Visions of South Dakota's Land and People Proposal1975-1978
Proposals1922Walking the Red Road II: Augmentation (CD-ROM)1997
Proposals157WA-NI-TKA (I Shall Live)1972
Proposals3632Washington Pavilion Readers' Circle (discussion)2003
Proposals1733Waterlily Script Project (media)1996
Proposals1535Way West (documentary film) (no film found)1995
Proposals1323Way West (film) (no film found)1993
Proposals1736Ways of Knowing1996
Proposals3728We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution2003
Proposals3520We Used to Believe: The Museum as Society's Mirror (media)2002
Proposals268When Will We Ever Learn? (Diary of Ann Frank) (discussion)1999
Proposals2333White House Millennium Lectures (1 photograph)1998
Proposals1350Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Decides? Program II1993
Proposals239Wild Horses (media)1998
Proposals2716Wisdom of the Elders (1 photograph, 20 video cassettes)1999
Proposals301Wisdom of the Elders (media)2000
Proposals277Wizard Behind the Place (research)1999
Proposals1052Women Pursuing Peace1991
Proposals237Women's Literary Legacy (teachers' institute) (3 photographs)1998
Proposals162Wookahnige (Understanding) Workshop1972
Proposals1341Words from Elders (research)1993
Proposals1924Wounded Knee and Oz: Reconciling South Dakota History1997
Proposals159Wounded Knee: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow1972
Proposals3533Woven On the Wind (small discussion)2002
Proposals1541Writing Lives (National Book Award)1995
Proposals3630Y Writers Voice (discussion)2003
Proposals2313Y.W.C.A. Girls (discussion)1998
Proposals3613Yankton Lewis and Clark Festival (small discussion), 5th Annual2002
Proposals3319Yesterdays Tomorrows2001
Proposals3527Yesterdays Tomorrows2002
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South Dakota Humanities Foundation1635General Ledger Account Inquiry1995
South Dakota Humanities Foundation104General Ledger Activity Reports1990
South Dakota Humanities Foundation105General Ledger Balance Sheets and Chart of Accounts1990
South Dakota Humanities Foundation106General Ledger Trial Balance1990
South Dakota Humanities Foundation933Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1989
South Dakota Humanities Foundation107Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1990
South Dakota Humanities Foundation1636Statement of Receipts and Disbursements1995
South Dakota Humanities Foundation934Trial Balance1989
South Dakota Humanities Foundation1637Trial Balance1995
South Dakota Humanities Foundation873Vouchers1988
Speakers Bureau244Proposal Rejected or Withdrawn1998
Speakers Bureau1110Proposals Funded1991
Speakers Bureau126Proposals Funded1992
Speakers Bureau127Proposals Funded1992
Speakers Bureau128Proposals Funded1992
Speakers Bureau129Proposals Funded1992
Speakers Bureau1413Proposals Funded1993
Speakers Bureau1414Proposals Funded1993
Speakers Bureau1415Proposals Funded1993
Speakers Bureau1416Proposals Funded1993
Speakers Bureau212Proposals Funded1997
Speakers Bureau213Proposals Funded1997
Speakers Bureau214Proposals Funded1997
Speakers Bureau215Proposals Funded1997
Speakers Bureau216Proposals Funded1997
Speakers Bureau241Proposals Funded1998
Speakers Bureau242Proposals Funded1998
Speakers Bureau243Proposals Funded1998
Speakers Bureau2722Proposals Funded1999
Speakers Bureau2723Proposals Funded1999
Speakers Bureau2724Proposals Funded1999
Speakers Bureau2725Proposals Funded1999
Speakers Bureau2726Proposals Funded1999
Speakers Bureau2727Proposals Funded1999
Speakers Bureau2728Proposals Funded1999
Speakers Bureau311Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau312Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau313Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau314Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau315Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau316Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau317Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau318Proposals Funded2000
Speakers Bureau346Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau347Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau348Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau349Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau3410Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau3411Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau3412Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau3413Proposals Funded2001
Speakers Bureau3619Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3620Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3621Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3622Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3623Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3624Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3625Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3626Proposals Funded2002
Speakers Bureau3731Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau3732Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau3733Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau3734Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau3735Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau3736Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau3737Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau3738Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau381Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau382Proposals Funded2003
Speakers Bureau1417Proposals Rejected1994
Speakers Bureau1763Proposals Rejected or withdrawn1996
Speakers Bureau217Proposals Rejected or Withdrawn1997
Speakers Bureau2729Proposals Rejected or Withdrawn1999
Speakers Bureau319Proposals Rejected or Withdrawn2000
Speakers Bureau3414Proposals Rejected or Withdrawn2001
Speakers Bureau3627Proposals Rejected or Withdrawn2002
Speakers Bureau383Proposals Withdrawn2003
Speakers Bureau3415Resource Center Rentals2001