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Section 5: Finance and Business

5:1  Contract, Agreement, and Memorandum of Understanding Review and Approval

5:2  Membership and Licensure

5:3  Clothing Provided to Employees

5:4  Household Moving Allowance

5:5  Journal Vouchers

5:6  Procurement Cards

5:7  Fraud Policy

5:8  Service or Recharge Center Rates

5:9  Fixed Assets

5:10 Infrastructure Reporting

5:11 University Cash Receipts

5:12 University Collections

5:13 Cell Phone Stipends and State-Owned Cell Phones

5:14 Event Ticket Sales and Accessible Seating

5:15 Employee Travel

5:16 Consulting Contracts

5:17 Institutional Representation Funds

5:18 Reporting Works of Art and Historical Treasures

5:19 MyJacks Cards

5:20 Credit Card Payments

5:21 Property Management

5:22 Research Subject and Incentive Payments

5:23 Awards and Prizes

5:24 Goods or Services Sold to the General Public

5:25 Allowable Expenses for Student Programs

5:26 Established Cash Funds

5:27 Fixed Price Award Residual Balances

5:28 Administrative Withdrawal for Accounts Receivable Balances

5:29 Cost Share

5:30 Participant Support Costs on Sponsored Projects

5:31 Program Income from Sponsored Projects

5:32 Charging Direct Costs on Sponsored Projects

5:33 Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects

5:34 Minimum Effort on Sponsored Projects

5:35 Purchasing Policy

5:36 Department Responsibilities with University Funds

5:37 Gift Acceptance

5:38 Affiliated Entities

5:39 Award and Budget Revision to Sponsored Projects

5:40 Expenditure Monitoring of Sponsored Projects