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Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the University Policy and Procedure Manual

This website is the definitive source for the most current South Dakota State University policies. Policies duplicated on other websites or in print may not be the most current version. All policies documented on this site are official and supersede policies located elsewhere. South Dakota State University is governed by state and federal law, administrative regulations, and policies of the South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) and the State of South Dakota.

New and Recently Revised Policies

12/04/2019  Authorized University Text Messages
12/04/2019  Drug and Alcohol Testing
12/04/2019  Telecommuting
12/03/2019  Assigning Off-Campus Work Stations
12/03/2019  Affiliated Entities
12/03/2019  Gift Acceptance
12/03/2019  Department Responsibilities with University Funds
11/26/2019  Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
11/26/2019  Graduate Assistants and Fellows - Revised
11/26/2019  Reasonable Accommodation Involving Animals - Revised
11/19/2019  Dual Use Research of Concern
11/14/2019  Delegation of Authority in Employment Actions
11/06/2019  Fire Safety
11/05/2019  Clery Act Compliance
10/03/2019  Campus-Wide Posting
10/03/2019  Use of University Facilities and Grounds for Expressive Activity by Student Organizations, Students, Employees, and their Guests
10/03/2019  Facilities and Grounds Use and Scheduling (Revised)
10/03/2019  Student Organizations (Revised)

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