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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate is an elected body through which the faculty can advocate for the welfare of the University and the university community, where they can develop and disseminate communications, have an advisory role in general university policy, and can perform those duties and functions allocated to or assumed by the faculty. The SDSU President or the executive assistant to the president meets with the executive committee on a regular basis. 

Membership consists of the following: 

  • Faculty (elected)  
There will be 1 senator for every 20 FTE faculty in each faculty electoral unit with a minimum of one senator per unit. Faculty electoral units include the colleges of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Education and Human Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions, General Studies and Outreach Program, and the Library. 
  • One academic administrator (elected) 
  • Two student senators (designated by the Student Senate)