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Faculty and Staff Resources


Dr. April Brooks Women of Distinction

The Dr. April Brooks Women of Distinction recognize the outstanding accomplishments of women who promote opportunities for historically marginalized groups at South Dakota State University, including through community activism and service.

Five women will be honored every year, and nominations are open to women in the following roles:

  • Administration
  • Professional Staff/NFE
  • Faculty
  • Civil Service Staff
  • Student
Ally Award

The Ally Award recognizes any person or organization, on or off campus, who demonstrate(s) a commitment to supporting the mission of the Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies program: to educate our university and the public on issues related to gender and sexuality, through innovative curricula, research, and outreach.

Faculty Award for Global Engagement

The SDSU Faculty Award for Global Engagement recognizes significant contributions by one or more faculty members in the areas of study abroad leadership, curriculum internationalization, or international/global research.

Affinity Groups 

Affinity groups are a critical component of the multicultural and inclusion capabilities of an institution. At SDSU, they provide a way to make diverse faculty & staff feel welcomed and valued. Our Affinity Groups seek to:

  1. Advance the personal and professional development of their members
  2. Provide support and networking opportunities
  3. Participate in community service
  4. Engage in mentoring relationships with their members, as well as students
  5. Assist the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, & Access in achieving key organizational diversity initiatives

SDSU currently has four Affinity Groups: 

The Brother's Circle

The Brother’s Circle is an African and African-American male-focused professional faculty/staff group geared towards providing professional and educational advice, guidance and support to students, faculty and staff in regards to the black male population at SDSU.

For more information, please contact Alex Wood or at 605-688-5585.

Employee Resource Group (ERG)

The Employee Resource Group is a LGBTQIA+ community-focused professional faculty/staff group geared towards providing professional and educational advice, guidance and support to students, faculty and staff in regards to the LGBTQIA+ population at SDSU.

For more information, please contact  Erin Lavender-Stott or at 605-688-5385. 

Los Hombres Latinos

Los Hombres Latinos is a Latino male-focused professional faculty/staff group at South Dakota State University geared at providing professional and educational advice, guidance and support to students, faculty and staff in regards to the Latino population.

For more information, please contact the Multicultural Center or at 605-688-5585.

The Sister's Circle

The Sister’s Circle is an African and African-American female-focused professional faculty/staff group geared towards providing professional and educational advice, guidance and support to students, faculty and staff in regards to the black female population at SDSU.

For more information, please contact Kas Williams or at 605-688-5585.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Overview: Provide advice and counsel to the President, Provost, Vice-President for Student Affairs, Chief Diversity Officer, and Faculty Senate regarding the climate for enhancement and appreciation of diversity.

Responsibilities: The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will work collaboratively with the campus community to implement and assess progress toward the institution’s strategic plan for diversity. This will include communicating openly, being a catalyst for new and expanding initiatives, and enhancing and creating synergy among existing diversity programs. Areas of focus shall include:

  • Developing a robust understanding of diversity and a welcoming campus climate
  • Recruiting, retaining, and successfully graduating a diverse student body
  • Recruiting, advancing, and retaining a diverse faculty and staff
  • Diversifying SDSU’s leadership and management
  • Integrating diversity across the institution’s teaching, research, and co-curricular programs
  • Bringing the university’s resources to bear in respectful, responsive service to diverse communities
International Committee

Overview: Advise on strategic direction and strategy for International Affairs. Explore and develop new international initiatives and strengthen existing programs and services so as to achieve the institution’s mission of providing a global education for all students.

Responsibilities: The overarching responsibility of the Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to university leadership on international strategies for the institution. This will include planning, partnerships, programming, recruitment, services, and other efforts to more fully internationalize the campus and provide a global education for all students. More specifically, they will perform the following:

  • Advise university leadership on appropriate strategic direction and strategy for international affairs/activities
  • Serve as the liaison between all units to build cohesiveness within and between units for international education and activities
  • Explore and develop new international initiatives; review existing international activities for effectiveness
  • Maintain and continuing review of the policies and regulations, programs, and the administrative arrangements within the University for conducting and improving international programs and affairs
  • Consult with other entities on campus regarding international faculty development and recognition, international student recruitment, orientation and completion, and internationalizing curricula
  • Serve as a liaison between people and programs that are focused on internationalization and those designed for diversity enhancement, both domestically and internationally
  • Review and provide guidance for existing and new agreements with international universities
  • Advise of strategic use of resources for international education and faculty development
  • Assess the effectiveness of international efforts and movement toward strategic goals. Internal Committees
Student Affairs Inclusion Committee 

Overview: The Student Affairs Inclusion Committee will work collaboratively across the Division and within the campus community to implement and assess progress toward Division goals related to diversity.  This will include development of communication strategies, facilitating new and expanding existing initiatives, and creating synergy between existing initiatives and programs.

Responsibilities: The committee will develop an action plan for the five areas of the Student Affairs Strategic Crosswalk. These areas include the following: 

  • Implement required programming that educates first-year and transfer students regarding the Division’s and University’s commitment to a climate of respect, civility and free exchange of ideas
  • Embed diversity and inclusion as a cross-curricular skill in all programs offered by the Division of Student Affairs and assess effectiveness of efforts to promote diversity and inclusion
  • Institute a Division-wide Diversity Award Program to recognize, share and promote staff-sponsored and student-sponsored successes in diversity and inclusivity programming
  • Create Division-wide cultural competency expectations and ensure they are consistently included in the onboarding and training of all Student Affairs employees, including student-employees
  • Include professional competency of diversity, inclusion, equity, and access in all Student Affairs position descriptions to demonstrate the Division’s commitment and embed this competency into annual evaluations to hold staff accountable
Title IX/EEO Advisory Committee

Michelle Johnson, Director EO/Title IX Coordinator

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people from discrimination based on sex, in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. SDSU has established a Title IX/EEO Advisory Committee. The primary function is to assist the Title IX/EEO Coordinator in University compliance efforts, provide input on initiatives and programs. Responsibilities: The role of the Title IX/EEO Advisory Committee will be to examine, review and assess the overall Title IX/EEO compliance program, structure and training initiatives. The committee may make recommendations to the Title IX/EEO Coordinator on ways the University can maintain and achieve a higher level of compliance. The committee will also participate in analyzing of aggregate reporting data and assist in ways to strengthen the overall compliance program.

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Advisory Committee

Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Kuehl, Associate Professor, Communication Studies; Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program Coordinator

The Women's Studies Advisory Committee members work to fulfill the goals of the program. Faculty members from a variety of departments collaborate on this committee including, English, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership, Communication Studies and Theatre, Psychology, Music, and Sociology. These interdisciplinary perspectives enhance both programming and course offerings. More information can be found on the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies webpage found here