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Returning and Adult Learners

Are you ready? Grow. Succeed. Make an Impact! 

At South Dakota State University, we understand going back to school is a challenge. Responsibilities to family, work and financial obligations seemingly place higher education beyond your reach. However, with a wide variety of programs, delivery options and student resources, finishing your degree has never been easier.
You can do it! We are here to help. 

Convenient Programs for Busy Adults

SDSU offers a range of programs through online courses and classrooms at University Centers across South Dakota. This provides the flexibility necessary while maintaining academic integrity. 

Degree Completion Options

Contact us to see how soon you can finish your degree!

Gain Credit for Prior Learning

Transfer students, military veterans and students with previous school, job and life experience may be eligible to earn credit for learning outside of SDSU’s classrooms. This is possible through CLEP testing, DANTES, institutional challenge by exam or institutional challenge by portfolio. 

Learn more about these options to accelerate your degree.

Get the Help You Need to Succeed

SDSU provides a wealth of services to help you reach your academic and career goals.