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Cost Estimate

Great opportunity shouldn't mean great expense. Attend a nationally recognized university for one of the country's best values. In addition, South Dakota State has several tuition reduction programs that make it even more affordable for you.

Estimated Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Direct Costs

The estimated costs below are billed directly by SDSU, based on 2024-2025 rates.

Cost/FeeSouth Dakota Residents,
South Dakota Advantage(1) 
(CO, IL, IA, KS, MN, MO, MT, NE, ND, WI, WY) and 
Child of Alumni(2)
(Based on 15 credits per semester)
($259.10/credit hour)
($312.25/credit hour)
($376.10/credit hour)
General Activity Fee
Housing Cost(4)$2,790.50$2,790.50$2,790.50
Food Cost(5)$2,297.50$2,297.50$2,297.50
Total Semester Direct Cost$9,737.50$10,534.75$11,492.50
TOTAL YEARLY DIRECT COST$19,475.00$21,069.50$22,985.00

Online courses = $354.75/credit hour. Accessed to all courses delivered online. Cost includes tuition and all general fees. Online courses do not require payment of the general activity fee listed above. More information can be found on the Online Tuition and Fees page.

Some majors require additional discipline fees.

(1)Residents of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming who are either New first-time students, new transfer students from outside the SDBOR system, or SDBOR system transfer students and SDSU readmits who have not been enrolled for a period of 12 months or more, will pay an equivalent rate to in-state tuition through the SD Advantage tuition program. Minnesota residents who started at SDSU in the spring 2024 term or prior will have a Minnesota resident tuition rate applied.

(2)Nonresident students qualify for a rate equivalent to in-state tuition if a parent or legal guardian graduated from South Dakota State University.

(3)Minnesota Resident tuition rate is applied to Minnesota residents who started in the spring 2024 term or in a prior term.

(4)Housing cost shown here is based on the average cost of a double-occupancy residence hall room during a standard academic calendar year. Internet access included. Rates vary based on hall. See individual residence hall rates on the Housing and Meal Plan Costs page.

(5)Food cost above is based on SDSU's Premier All-Access meal plan plus additional dollars, totaling an equivalent of 21 meals per week. See individual meal plan rates on the Housing and Meal Plan Costs page.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are expenses not directly billed by SDSU. These expenses will vary for each student. Expenses could include textbooks and supplies purchased through Jackrabbit Central - Student Union or other sites; transportation expenses include parking, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and other costs related to travel to home and/or work; personal expenses include necessities like laundry, cell phone service, clothing, personal care products, prescriptions, recreation, etc.

Textbooks and Supplies$1,200/year
Transportation Expenses$2,309/year
Personal Expenses$2,374/year

Estimated Cost of Attendance (ECOA) for undergraduate and graduate students are budgets used by the South Dakota State University Financial Aid Office in determining eligibility for federal student aid. ECOA budgets include details for students living on-campus, living off-campus or living at home with family.