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Senior Design Capstone Program

Senior Design Capstone Program

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) applies the science of engineering to products and processes of the agricultural industry. Senior ABE students participate in a two-semester applied-design project course completed in conjunction with industry sponsors. The program allows students to apply their education and to experience the dynamics of an industry-based project. Through the Capstone Program, the ABE Department aims to produce excellent graduates that are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and applicable skills to handle modern-day challenges in the industry.


     First Semester:

  • Student teams are matched with a project sponsor
  • Development of project charter
  • Application of ideation process to form concepts

     Second Semester:

  • Execution of project plan and analysis of concepts
  • Production of a physical prototype or mock-up
  • Formal project write-up and group presentation

For more information about the Senior Design Capstone Program, please contact Douglas Prairie

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