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Research efforts are a valuable component of the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department mission to the students, faculty, state, region, and world. The research program areas of the Department include:

  • Water & Climate - the protection and conservation of soil and water resources
  • Food & Bio-Renewable Processing - the development of value-added products such as ethanol and its by-products, biomass conversion, and vegetable oils
  • Agriculture Machinery Engineering - the development of advanced hydraulic systems, global information systems related to agriculture commodities, and machinery design
  • Animal Production Systems - the analysis of building trusses and structure components, livestock housing ventilation systems, and the effect on production and animal well-being

Research is aimed at improving performance and reducing cost at all levels of production with minimal environment impact. Research is conducted in University labs and in the field, either at four Research and Extension Centers or on producer farms. In addition to research conducted in South Dakota, several faculty members have projects involving international collaboration (e.g., developing biofilter systems on livestock barns in Denmark). Research cooperation with industries that involve agricultural commodities and production has broadened the scope of agricultural engineering research, especially in the development of monitoring sensors and process control systems.