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Animal Production Systems

Dark brown beef cattle in a field

Process-based Nutrient Modeling of Integrated Beef Cattle Finishing and Crop Production Systems in the Northern Great Plains




06/01/2015Erin Cortus
Joseph Darrington
Individual filling a syringe
A Process-based Nutrient Model for the Bedpack Manure of Confined Beef Systems
06/01/2012Ferouz Ayadi
Erin Cortus
Mindy Spiehs
nitrogen volatilized
Tracking the Source of Nitrogen Volatilized from Cattle Manure05/16/2011Erin Cortus
Ferouz Ayadi
David Clay
Beef Deep-Bedded
Emission Measurement and Comparison with Management Techniques for Beef Deep-Bedded Mono-slope Facilities03/01/2010Erin Cortus
Steve Pohl
Scott Cortus
Md. Rajibul Al Mamun
Ferouz Ayadi
Dick Nicolai
Mindy Spiehs
Beth Doran
Kris Kohl
Angie Rieck-Hinz
Vegetation Treatments
Vegetated treatment systems for managing feedlot runoff2005Todd Trooien
Steve Pohl
Arvid Boe
Ron Gelderman
Bruce Bleakley
Dennis Todey
Chris Hay
Jeppe Kjaersgaard