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Quarter Scale Tractor Team

"Ag Bio Engineering Quarter Scale Team member"

What is the Quarter Scale Team?

The Quarter Scale team is a student organization formed to compete in the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) student engineering-design contest. The design contest is structured to help develop both design and big-picture thinking skills. According to ASABE's website, "[a] panel of industry experts ... judge each design for innovation, manufacturability, serviceability, safety, sound level, and ergonomics." Learn more about the International Quarter Scale Tractor Student Design Competition.

Student teams compete in ASABE's International 1/4 Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in Peoria, IL, every summer. A Class teams are comprised of juniors and seniors who have typically been involved in Quarter Scale and are familiar with the competition. X Class teams include freshmen and sophomores interested in the experience but who can benefit from the guidance of more experienced classmates.

Each year, A Class teams are given a stock engine, set of tires, and list of design requirements for that year's competition. The team must then design and build their tractor to meet specifications. X Class teams work with the A Class team's tractor from the previous year. They identify and implement changes to increase the tractor's performance and compete against other X Class teams.

Quarter Scale teams are evaluated in four ways:

  • Written design report
  • Team presentation
  • Static design judging
  • Performance
    • Three tractor pulls
    • Maneuverability course
    • Durability course

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Meet a Quarter Scale Team Member!

ABE Student Tate Ketelhut
ABE Student Tate Ketelhut of Miller, SD

Tate Ketelhut (Miller, SD) is an Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering student.

"Quarter Scale has greatly helped prepare me for future careers by offering me design experience and 3D modeling experience that every job has. The club helps me see how much goes into the design process of a piece of equipment."

ABE Student Jeremiah Dooyema
ABE Student Jeremiah (JJ) Dooyema

Jeremiah (JJ) Dooyema (Luverne, MN) is an Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering student.

"1/4 scale helped build new skills for engineering with hands-on applications. It also helped improve my problem-solving skills. 1/4 scale helps expose me to  more engineering companies and the people within."

ABE Student Luke Schemm
ABE Student Luke Schemm

Luke Schemm (Pella, IA) is an Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Student.

"My favorite part of quarter scale is getting to meet new people and being able to use the skills I learn in the classroom in a competition."