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Strategic Goals with Action Steps

The School of Psychology, Sociology and Rural Studies Strategic Goals

  1. Foster academic rigor and promote student success through engaged teaching, learning and advising.
  2. Involve students with faculty to enhance excellence in research and scholarly activities.
  3. Empower faculty, staff, and students to collaborate through partnerships within and external to the college.
  4. Graduate engaged citizens who contribute to the public good.
  5. Promote the academic distinctiveness of the department.
  1. Apply student and faculty expertise to produce scholarly works that serve the public good.
  2. Demonstrate the scholarly impact of the school.
  1. Build strategic partnerships that mutually enhance the academic experience of learners, create career opportunities and contribute to community vitality and development.
  2. Use emerging technologies and institutional collaboration to provide undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education centered on traditional and adult learners.
  3. Promote intentional, responsive and sustainable outreach activities.
  1. Recruit and retain talented, diverse and committed faculty and staff and invest in their professional development.
  2. Engage SDSU Foundation to develop and implement a strategic plan for alumni giving.
  3. Effectively and efficiently manage the school resources.
  1. Ensure accessibility and inclusion by building a department climate that provides a welcoming, safe and supportive environment.
  2. Incorporate inclusion, diversity and global perspectives across the curriculum.
  3. Encourage scholarly activities that deepen our understanding of cultural complexities.
  4. Establish meaningful service and outreach partnerships with underrepresented groups.