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For Our Alumni

Giving Back

Our school has always prided itself on building an open and welcoming environment. Just as faculty doors are always open for our students, you should consider our doors open for alumni. Feel free to contact us, and please remember to keep your alumni information up-to-date. We look forward to the school’s future and to keeping you informed of our progress.

If you would like to help us generate and prepare students for real-world opportunities, we would love to talk to you about all the ways that can happen.

Financial donations are always appreciated. They are extremely useful and important, and we have had generous support from alumni and friends of the school in this regard. Scholarships for undergraduate students, fellowships to support graduate students, funds to support our student clubs and more have been donated in the past and immediately put to good use. If you are interested in helping in this way please contact the SDSU Foundation. 

We also wish to thank our alumni for your generous contributions to the school and the university through the SDSU Foundation. Many of our students receive scholarships funded in whole or in part from alumni donations of all sizes. Your support is always appreciated.