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LEAD: Law Enforcement Advancement Degree

A female students speaks with a University Police Officer

The Importance of the LATC and SDSU Partnership

Times are changing. The past duality of the two-year and four-year institutions is evolving. When it comes to education, the debate is no longer technical college versus a university’s four-year degree. It’s both. The partnership between Lake Area Technical College and South Dakota State University fosters the importance of lifelong learning with a “what’s next” approach rather than a competitive approach.

Your education is not a versus situation, it’s a “what's next” collaboration!

Students who graduate from Lake Area Technical College have the opportunity to advance their degrees and further develop their professional exploration at South Dakota State University. LATC and SDSU are opening doors to future opportunities.

Not all educational journeys are the same. SDSU understands this and welcomes all kinds of students, including transfer, returning, adult and online learners. This agreement between LATC and SDSU allows the recognition of previously earned credits, degrees and work experience. If you have done the work, let’s make it count! Additionally, SDSU is trailblazing the path for students just like you by providing one-on-one advising, beneficial college and community resources and skill-building opportunities, right from your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

SDSU will accept 60 credits from LATC upon completion of an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. If you have any additional credits from dual credit, AP exams or other college experience, an advisor will help you transfer those credits if applicable to your degree path.

Typically, students attending the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at SDSU are required to complete a minor, teaching certification or specialization. But with this agreement, transfer students from LATC will have the minor, teaching certification and specialization requirement waived. We believe your previous work at LATC matters and is considered a specialization.

SDSU will accept 60 course credits from the A.A.S. degree in Law Enforcement from LATC. You will have a variety of courses to choose from to meet the other 60 credits of coursework completed through SDSU to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in criminology.

Yes! You set the pace. Whether you need to finish your degree as soon as possible or you need to take your time, there is a path for you. Your advisor can help you choose the courses that work best for your schedule, while guiding you through course options every semester until you reach your goal.

Are you ready to explore and expand your career options, but want to ensure your previous credits and work will be recognized? We get it. You deserve a path that is designed for you. Come discover the doors you never knew you needed opened.

At South Dakota State University, we pride ourselves in offering cost-effective options to further your education. On average, students in this program invest under $7,000 per semester for tuition! This is an estimate and does not include costs associated with books, a meal plan or room and board.

More information about tuition and fees can be found through SDSU Admissions. For a more precise cost estimate, reach out to our online and transfer student coordinator, Kristin Stuckey.