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Sociology (B.A./B.S.)

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Understanding the world around and beyond us.

Sociologists ask lots of these “why” questions and “how” questions and “what” questions. Sociologists study the big picture, focusing on the study of social life, social change and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. They study trends and seek to improve people’s lives based upon those trends. The society in which you live plays a significant role in your education, your relationships, your career, your economic status and much more. The world awaits all who have a major in sociology.

Sociology encompasses a wide range of topics including family dynamics, social deviance and crime, government policies, social and demographic trends and the impact of contemporary issues on businesses, corporations, schools and other public and private institutions. Students receive a broad education that will qualify them for many different kinds of occupations, working in business, government and the nonprofit sectors. Sociology majors manage programs and people, provide services in a variety of settings, analyze and collect data, and pursue careers in law enforcement and victim services. The major offers flexibility and can easily be added to another major.

Is it for you?

This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Are curious about the world around you.
  • Are interested in people and behaviors.
  • Have a desire to help people.
  • Have strong writing and communication skills.
  • Enjoy research.

Career Opportunities

  • Urban and regional planners
  • Social science researcher
  • Community outreach coordinator
  • Detectives and criminal investigators
  • Research/data analysis

Recent Employers

  • University of Nebraska at Kearney (Business Services)
  • KETV News
  • U.S. Government
  • Community Counseling Services
  • Hofer Dairy Farm

Internship Opportunities

  • American Indian Education and Cultural Center
  • McCrossan Boys Ranch
  • Sanford Health
  • Brookings Health Systems
  • Dept. of Social Services-Child Protection Services - Brookings

Undecided or still deciding on a major and future career?

If you are uncertain about your major and have questions about career planning, you are not alone. Choosing a major or career can be a very difficult decision. The exploratory studies program may be a good fit if you are unsure of your major and career focus. Entering the university in the exploratory studies program will help you gain confidence and valuable insights on majors and minors available at SDSU and future career choices. 

In addition, FOCUS 2 Career, a self-guided assessment, education and career planning program, will help you reflect on your values, interests, personality traits and skills to provide valuable insight as you explore major and career choices. SDSU students may access FOCUS 2 Career by using their student email and password. After completing FOCUS 2 Career, you may find it helpful to discuss your results with a career coach in the Office of Career Development.