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For Our Students

Undergraduate Students

The department has many opportunities for students. In addition to the Sociology major, we also offer two minors: Sociology and Criminal Justice. As a sociology major you will automatically be signed up for the department's monthly newsletter. We use this program to also send out announcements about classes, scholarships, events and other opportunities.

The department supports two very active student clubs which give students opportunities to volunteer with a variety of agencies and to learn which agencies and what kind of work best suits them. Students also report that club participation and leadership have been helpful to them in getting the positions they apply for after graduation. The department also supports a strong internship and service learning program enabling students to get hands-on experience in the fields in which they have an interest. This spring, 50 percent of interns were offered jobs at their internship site.

Graduate Students

The Department of Sociology and Rural Studies offers three graduate options: two at the Master's level and one PhD program. Students may choose an-onsite Master's degree in Sociology with a thesis or exam option. Students may also participate in interdisciplinary multi-institutional online program focused on community development with a thesis, creative component or course completion option.

As a student in the department, graduate students are automatically signed up for the department's monthly newsletter. The program is also used to send information about courses, schedules, job opportunities, events and other opportunities.