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Welcome to the Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences

With nationally recognized faculty as experts in their field, our team is dedicated to student success by building up students with a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities to enter graduate school or employment within the health care field, industry or education. Our practice of integrating academic programs, which focus on nutrition, health, recreation, exercise and human performance, provides students and faculty with unique opportunities to collaborate and to promote interaction among students in different majors with a common focus on promoting health through proper nutrition and physical activity.

Students learn how to critique and analyze research within their designated field and apply that knowledge through the access to state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories, nationwide internship programs and study abroad experiences. Students are also able to attend regional and national professional meetings, get involved in one of many student organizations and participate in service and research projects.

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An April 14 screen shot of Haley Wollmuth’s Leadership 310 Facebook page

Leadership students rise to challenge

Sometimes life requires one to make the best out of Plan B.

Communication key when teaching

There’s no substitute for hands-on instruction, especially when it comes to learning proper technique and form in a very hands-on course like strength and conditioning.

Kattelmann will receive the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ 2020 Medallion Award

For someone whose initial plan was to be a registered dietitian and not return to college, Kendra Kattelmann’s career plan went awry.