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For our Parents

Enhancing your student's potential

The College of Education and Human Sciences prides itself on Enhancing Human Potential. We view this mission as being multi-faceted. Our first priority is helping your students enhance their own potential as they prepare for careers that involve educating and enhancing potential across the human spectrum. We plan to help your students grow in terms of academic and career achievement as well as in social and interpersonal development. We will challenge them to think critically and engage intellectually, emotionally, and physically in their education. As we challenge, we also offer support and guidance.

Our faculty are a group dedicated to their professions and their students. They provide the College's students with a rigorous and exciting curriculum, as well as connections and insights into their chosen careers. They want to confirm that after graduation those students can step with confidence straight into their chosen profession.

Take, for instance, our College's largest major by student enrollment: early childhood education. This is a profession that is in high demand. At State, students can customize their education for precisely the age group they're interested in. Another example is secondary education. Students who wish to teach high school major in their chosen content area but then add a teaching specialization. This allows them to gain a solid proficiency in their chosen area while simultaneously getting the theory, practice, and experience of being at the guiding end of a classroom. And, they can still finish school in four years.

Teacher preparation is just one of the things that we do well. Our dietetics program is another example. The national average of dietetics majors landing internships is about 50 percent. Due to the strength of our preparation, 90 percent of our students are placed. These experience lead to a loyal and successful alumni base, many of whom reinvest in today's students. The Faye Tyler Wade Food Lab, a $384,000 renovation was completely financed by College alumni and friends. This cutting edge laboratory brings the finest equipment possible to our students and even allows them to operate a "Café" one day a week.

These are but two examples of excellent programs in the College of EHS. We have 15 majors and 22 minors. While there is a great deal of diversity in our offerings, they are all connected through our mission of helping to enhance human potential.