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student teacher playing with children in classroom

Teacher Education

Welcome to the Teacher Education Program

Our program prepares educators to be leaders for the 21st century. We offer undergraduate degree and certification programs in early childhood education, elementary education, special education and secondary education and graduate degree programs at the master's level in curriculum and instruction and educational administration.

The Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education 

The Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education's philosophy is grounded in social constructivism and inquiry-based learning. Children are capable, competent and able to build their knowledge through exploration and social interaction. The program is in conjunction with the early childhood education program at SDSU. The classrooms are led by SDSU faculty, who not only teach children, but also support and mentor college students while they gain hands-on experience in teaching. One of the components of the program is our observation booths where families and SDSU students can observe and learn from children engaging in activities in an unobtrusive manner.