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For our Alumni

Man dressed as a hobo in Hobo Day parade

The College of Education and Human Sciences alumni includes approximately 15,000 graduates: those of the former College of Family and Consumer Sciences and its predecessor, the College of Home Economics; those of the former College of Education and Counseling; and those of programs in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. We strive to keep in touch with you as you move in different directions and as we grow and mature as a college.

One way we connect with our Alumni is through personal visits. Any time you find yourself in the Brookings area—please, stop in! Feel free to stroll into our main (EHS) office or the offices of your department and faculty members. We typically see a number of our former students during events such as class reunions and Hobo Day, and we're always delighted to hear from you and to learn about your successes.

A second way we stay in contact is through our annual phonathon. The students making telephone calls can answer many of your questions, but they can refer questions requiring more in-depth explanation to the Dean for response, too.

The College of Education and Human Sciences is growing and changing. As one of the many alum from our diverse academic programs, we hope you are pleased with the directions our College is taking and we welcome your thoughts and input as we progress.