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Image for Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education

Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education


Welcome to the Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education! The Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education is SDSU’s Laboratory School which was established as part of the Morrill Act that established land grant universities. The laboratory school was established in 1928.

There are 117 children and their families who call the Fishback Center their school. In addition, approximately 60 Early Childhood Education majors and Family Consumer Science Education majors work as teachers, either in their first student teaching experience or as assistant teachers each semester.

The Fishback Center for Early Childhood Education is a place for teaching and trying out new experiences in teaching. It is a place for service to provide early, positive group experiences for young children and possible first experiences for families in encountering ‘schools’. Finally, it’s a place for research with children and their families. We engage in child inquiry, teacher-research studies, and research undertaken by university faculty.


On October 22nd, a Fishback Center teacher was approached by an SDSU student who said:  "Hi!  I would like to give this to you - the children on the playground inspired me to write this!"

A Warm Fall Day after a Cold Spell

From behind the playground fence,

they throw their coats into the sky.

Hooray!  Yay!  Harrah!  Hooray!

A yell with each new toss.

The shouts of warm joy rise higher

than they small heavy coats

tossed by their young, dimpled arms.

Hurled just above the fence line,

I see coats rise and fall.

I hear their voices fun out

in the lovely autumn air, but I 

can only imagine their ruddy cheeks,

tussled hair turned free from caps,

behind the wooden planks

surrounding the schoolyard.

Little people rejoicing

a day when coats and caps

are still not necessary.