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Expanding the boundaries of knowledge through discovery and understanding that results from research, scholarship, and creative activity is one of the central missions of the educational process—particularly for faculty at land-grant universities like South Dakota State. This expansion of knowledge leads to solving the issues that face us on a daily basis: be they health, societal, or educational.

The faculty at the College of Education and Human Services are involved in a wide range of research, scholarship, and creative activity. As a part of their ongoing professional activities, we expect all faculty members to take part in the development of new knowledge. We also strongly encourage faculty members to seek external funding to support and grow their research programs. Currently, the College receives over $3 million in external grants and contracts annually, along with an additional $1 million in Agriculture Experiment Station funding.

The nature of the research projects varies with the faculty member and the department. Some of these include:

  • Nutrition studies related to diabetes
  • Techniques for addressing psychological health
  • Development of methods for validating the effectiveness of park board-members
  • Reggio-inspired practices in early childhood education
  • Social change in the marketplace
  • The study of "informal" learning

Research, scholarship, and creative activity in the College forms the backbone for much of what takes place here: learning opportunities for undergraduates, thesis and dissertation projects for our graduate students, and the further understanding of issues and challenges faced by individuals and society in general.

If you are considering enrolling in graduate school and want to determine potential research areas available or want more information on ongoing activities, contact the department related to your area of interest.