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Dual Credit Scholarship Opportunities

Earn a scholarship once you are a Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit ACE First Bank & Trust Scholarship

Jackrabbit ACE Scholarship

Beginning in fall 2020, the Jackrabbit ACE First Bank & Trust Scholarship provides opportunities for economically disadvantaged high school juniors and seniors to enroll in dual credit courses at SDSU*. Students who qualify for the Jackrabbit ACE Scholarship will receive a scholarship that funds one dual credit course (up to five credits) each semester of their junior and senior year of high school and the summer between their junior and senior year. Textbooks and/or course materials are the responsibility of the student.

Students can pay for additional dual credit courses if they choose to enroll and they will also be eligible for the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship if they enroll at SDSU as a college freshman.

Eligible students for the Jackrabbit ACE First Bank & Trust Scholarship must meet one of the following:

  • Enrolled in a federal free or reduced lunch program at school based on the USDA income levels;
  • Have a family annual income at or below USDA levels for free or reduced lunches based on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service website.

Applications for the Jackrabbit ACE First Bank & Trust Scholarship must be received no later than day three of the semester the scholarship will be used. An application will need to be completed each semester. 

For continued eligibility, students must earn a “C” or higher in all dual credit courses.  Due to new SD legislation, if a student fails or withdraws from a dual credit course they will not be able to continue in the SD High School Dual Credit program unless the fail or withdraw is due to extenuating circumstances, which are yet to be determined.

Apply Here

*Students must meet the requirements of the High School Dual Credit program to enroll in SDSU dual credit courses. Click here to view the dual credit requirements. Once admission and registration for SDSU dual credit is complete, students who meet the Jackrabbit ACE First Bank & Trust eligibility requirements, noted above, must complete the scholarship application to receive the scholarship award.

Jackrabbit ACE Scholarship

Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship

Beginning in fall 2020, a scholarship will be available for any student who enrolls as a full-time freshman at SDSU who also earned dual credits from SDSU. The one-year scholarship will be awarded based on the number of SDSU dual credits earned:

  • 1-6 credit hours = $500;
  • 7-12 credit hours = $1,000;
  • 13 or more credit hours = $1,500.

Students will receive the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship, provided at varying dollar amounts, based on the number of dual credits they have successfully completed (grade of C or above) from SDSU. See the chart above for details. Any dual credit course taken in which a student receives a D, F, or withdraws, will not be counted towards their credit total for the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship.

No need to apply.

Scholarship will automatically be applied to your financial aid.

Am I eligible for other scholarships? 

Yes, the Jackrabbit Journey Scholarship does not replace the Jackrabbit Guarantee Scholarship or other awards. This would be in addition to other scholarships earned through academic achievement to attend SDSU.