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Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

A collage of photos from the SAAM (sexual assault awareness month) 2021 5K color run, hosted by FEM.
SAAM - Sexual Assault Awareness Month - 5K Color Run. April 2021

Welcome to our program!

The 2021 April Brookings Award Winners.
T​​​​​​he 2021 April Brooks Award Winners. Pictured: Jamie Sly, Katrina Gilbertson, and Three Members of the Brookings Human Rights Commission. March 2021

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary minor program that prepares students to recognize gender and sexuality as socio-cultural constructs that intersect with other aspects of identity. Students learn how gender and sexuality shape people’s lived experiences, resulting in better engagement with others. These “people skills,” such as self-awareness, adaptability, and interpersonal skills, are increasingly in demand by employers. Students are academically credentialed to analyze how institutions and policies influence and reinforce power inequities and cultural expectations about gender and sexuality. The culmination of the minor is a student-driven independent study, where students engage in critical inquiry using theoretical and methodological lenses grounded in gender and sexuality studies.

Students are able to take courses with award-winning faculty educators across a wide range of academic units and disciplines. The minor is a great complement for almost any major, including majors within the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, which requires a minor for graduation. The minor allows students to deeply consider and value diverse experiences as they work toward promoting equity and gender justice in the world.

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies encourages learning outside the classroom. We co-sponsor a variety of events on campus, especially during Women’s History Month in March.

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies News

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