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Dr. April Brooks Awards - Past Winners

About the Awards

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, the SDSU Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Coalition presents the annual Dr. April Brooks Awards in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. These awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments of individuals or organizations, on or off campus, who promote equity in gender and/or sexuality. Nominees advance the mission of the WGSS program at SDSU: to educate our university and the public on issues related to gender and sexuality, through innovative curricula, research and/or outreach.

Past Award Winners


  • Dr. Carol Peterson, provost
  • Dr. Marysz Rames, dean of student services
  • Nancy Neiber, Women's Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Dawn Goetz-Parten, student, pharmacy
  • Deborah Bortnem, administrative assistant, cooperative Extension


  • Dr. Laurie Stenberg Nichols, dean of family and consumer sciences
  • Dr. Joye Anne Billow, professor of pharmacy
  • Randi Ebsen-Shumann, President's Cottage
  • D. Kirstan Butler, student


  • Dr. Virginia Norris, department head, psychology
  • Dr. Diane Rickerl, professor of plant science
  • Jan Evans, senior secretary, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kara Christensen, student, journalism and mass communication


  • Dr. Mary Kay Helling, assistant vice president
  • Dr. Suzette Burckhard, professor of civil and environmental engineering
  • Palette Heesch, program assistant, plant science
  • Melissa Pater, student and athlete 


  • Dr. Peggy Gordon Miller, president
  • Dr. Carol Cumber, professor of economics
  • Julia Fausti, Computer Support, plant science
  • Mary Andrawis, student, pharmacy


  • Dr. Roberta Olson, dean of nursing
  • Doris Giago, professor of journalism and mass communication
  • Susan Goens, administrative assistant, ag-bio engineering
  • Stephanie Chase, student, political science


  • Karyn Weber, director of human resources
  • Dr. Anne Fennell, plant science
  • Katherine Heiberger, catalog assistant, academic affairs
  • Renay Silva, Student, nursing


  • Lynn Verschoor, director of the South Dakota Art Museum 
  • Dr. Linda Nussbaumer, professor of interior design
  • Louise Skovlund, custodial services
  • Melissa Wuellner, graduate student, wildlife and fisheries


  • Dr. Maria Ramos, department head of modern languages
  • Kristi Russow, instructor in the College of Education
  • Carrie Van Buren, curator at the Agricultural Heritage Museum
  • Catherine Grandorff, student, English and global studies


  • Dr. Kathleen Donovan, assistant to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and department head, English
  • Dr. Sharon Clay, professor of plant science
  • Cheryl Beste, administrative assistant, Department of Animal and Range Sciences
  • Claire Garry-Peschong, student, civil engineering


  • Dr. April Brooks, department head and professor, history and political science 
  • Dr. Aimee Wertz-Lutz, associate professor, animal science
  • Brenda Bjorklund, accounting assistant, animal science
  • Eliza Yellow Bird, student, counseling


  • Dr. Laurie Haleta, department head and professor, communication studies and theatre
  • Dr. Heike Bücking, associate professor, biology and microbiology
  • Christine Garst-Santos, assistant professor, modern foreign language and global studies,
  • Carol Kleinjan, senior secretary, animal and range sciences
  • Angela Gebhart, undergraduate student, animal science


  • Karla Trautman, associate director, SDSU Extension Service
  • Dr. Patricia Johnson, professor, Department of Natural Resource Management
  • Betty Nelson, senior secretary, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Bonnie Junker, graduate student, human sciences


  • Administrative and professional staff- Robin Salverson
  • Faculty member Laura Diddle
  • Civil service- Virginia Coudron
  • Student - Ashley Potter


  • Administrative and professional staff - Lindsey Gerard
  • Faculty – Meredith Redlin
  • Civil service – Linda Fawcett
  • Student – Claire Evans


  • Administrative and professional staff - Charlotte Davidson
  • Faculty - Teresa Seefeldt
  • Civil service - Christina Thurston
  • Student - Madelin Mack


  • Administrative - Jane Christopher-Hennings
  • Professional staff - Dianne Nagy
  • Faculty - Crystal Levesque
  • Civil service - Veronica Shriver 
  • Student - Karla Rodriguez-Hernandez 


  • Administrative - Jane Mort
  • Professional staff - Janet Johnson
  • Faculty - Lacey McCormack
  • Civil service - Michelle Leeds
  • Student - Semehar Ghebrekidan


  • Administrative - Suzanne Stluka
  • Professional staff - Maria Kalyvaki
  • Faculty - Amber Jensen
  • Graduate student - Susan Kroger
  • Undergraduate student - Sydney Swenson


  • Administrative - Kas Williams
  • Professional staff - Marjoanne Thompson
  • Faculty - Christine Stewart
  • Civil service - Linda Quade
  • Student - Leah Hendrickson
  • Ally Award - Brookings PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays)


  • Organization Award - Brookings Human Rights Commission
  • Dr. April Brooks Scholarship - Katrina Gilbertson
  • Individual Award - Jamie Sly