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English Club

Trivian Night

The English Club is an organization led by undergraduate students whose mission is to bring together people who share an appreciation for the arts. Though their first love is literature, the group engages with other forms of artistic expression as well, including film, theater, fine arts, and handicrafts. The English Club is open to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and community members.

English Club events and activities are open to anyone who is interested in participating, members and nonmembers alike. Anyone who wishes to become an official member of the club may do so by signing up for membership while attending an event or by sending an email request to

English Club Officers:

  • President: Myja Miller
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Elsie Nelson
  • Publicity Coordinator: Macie Pitts

English Club Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Katherine Malone
  • Dr. Sharon Smith


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