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2020-21 Employer Survey Results for Teachers

Feedback from employers on the effectiveness of teachers they’ve hired, using a survey developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.(based on 45 responses)

  1. Based on your experiences with this teacher, what best describes the extent to which he/she was ready to meet the needs of students in your school?

    1. ​​​​​Fully Ready – 30%
    2. Mostly Ready –65%
    3. Moderately Ready – 3%
    4. Not Ready –3%
      1. Please rate the extent to which this teacher is prepared in the following areas:
        DescriptionVery WellWellSomewhat WellNot Well
        Adjusts practice based on data22%62%14%3%
        Enforces high expectations for all students27%54%16%3%
        Implements well-structured lessons35%62%0%3%
        Maintains learning environment where students take risks32%59%5%3%
        Meets diverse needs of learners32%54%11%3%
        Uses self-reflection to improve practice46%41%14%0%