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M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

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If you are more interested in becoming a school administrator, we also offer a Masters of Education in Educational Administration. Visit our M. Ed. Educational Administration webpage for more information.

The degree in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) is designed to meet the needs of individuals who work (or plan to work) in some kind of an instructional capacity. The degree does not lead to a South Dakota teaching certificate nor does it lead to an endorsement on the South Dakota teaching certificate.

Students are able to choose from either a program in which only coursework is required or a program in which they must complete a research project. If a student elects to take only coursework (Plan C in the Graduate Catalog), the student must complete a minimum of 35 credit hours in order to graduate. If the research option is chosen, the student must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours including EDER 788 Research Problems.

The C&I degree is structured to allow a great deal of flexibility. It is expected that students will take a mixture of required courses and elective credits, depending on their areas of interest. See below for the expectations for C&I areas of emphasis. In addition to the C&I degree, SDSU offers coursework to meet the English as a New Language endorsement in South Dakota. These courses may be completed with no intention of seeking a degree or may be used as part of the basis for completing a C&I degree.

Listed below is the recommended sequence of coursework for full-time and one course/semester options.

Fall 1 

EDFN 600 - Advanced Pedagogy  (3 credits)

EDFN 700 - Exceptional Learners  (3 credits)

Spring 1

EPSY 740 - Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits)

EDFN 730 - Current Issues (3 credits)

Summer 1

EDFN 461/561 - Cultural and Psychology of ESL (3 credits)

EDFN 725 - Education in a Pluralistic Society (3 credits)

Fall 2

EDER 612 - Inquiry and Action Research (3 credits)

EDFN 615 - Build and Maintain Competency-based Learn Program (3 credits)

Spring 2

EDFN 750 - Educational Technology (3 credits)

HDFS 744 - Diverse Families (3 credits)

Summer 2

EDER 610 - Introduction to Research (3 credits)

EDER 711 - Educational Assessment (3 credits)

EDFN 701 - Capstone (optional)  (1 credit (optional))

TOTAL CREDITS = 36 credits